Scholarly Concentrations

The Scholarly Concentration (SC) program is a required, structured program of study in the Medical Student Curriculum that provides students with faculty-mentored scholarly experiences in areas of individual interest combined with structured coursework. The program has 14 areas of study, including 8 foundation areas, and 6 application areas.

Dual-Degree Programs

Stanford offers a range of opportunities to pursue multiple advanced degrees, both within the medical school and at schools across the university.

Other Research Opportunities

Directed research

Through Medical Scholars Research 370 independent study, research can be performed with a faculty member for academic credit in the same manner as coursework. In this case, the relationship of effort to credit is expected to be approximately three hours per week of research for one unit of academic credit

Research assistantship

Students can be appointed as research assistants on a faculty member's grant for up to 50% time per quarter. This appointment carries with it the benefit of a stipend and tuition allowance.


The Stanford Medical Scholars Research Program supports medical student research, both locally and off-site. Students carry out research in an academic setting under the direction of faculty members at the medical school, hospital and clinics, and throughout the University.

Research Resources

How to find a mentor

The CAP network is university-wide profile directory and collaboration platform where you can learn about faculty members and their research. Guidance on how to use CAP to connect with potential mentors is available through the CAP information site.