Scholarly Concentration: Medical Education


Cynthia Irvine, M Ed.
Sylvia Bereknyei, DrPH (Research Co-Director)

Objectives and Goals

The purpose of the Foundation in Medical Education is to prepare students for engagement and leadership in the field of medical education. This concentration aims to promote excellence in the following areas:

1) curriculum development and delivery
2) evaluation and assessment
3) educational technology and simulation.

Students will choose a specific area of interest from one of the three major categories above, and develop an individual plan for coursework and the required project, in consultation with the concentration directors. Students electing this concentration are also strongly encouraged to pursue teaching experience, most often as a Teaching Assistant. While this concentration can be completed as part of a four-year curriculum, the optimum experience will be received in a five-year plan, with one year for scholarly work and teaching experience.


Students must complete 12 total Scholarly Concentration coursework units. Students selecting only a Foundation Area complete all 12 units in that Foundation Area. Students undertaking both a Foundation Area and an Application Area complete six units in each.

Formal Coursework – 6 units total

A personalized series of courses totaling at least 3 more units depending upon the track chosen:

  1. EDUC 229 B, C, D: Learning Design and Technology Seminar,
  • 229B: Winter/1 unit;
  • 229C: Spring/1 unit;
  • 229D: Summer/2-5 units (incorporates project).

Note: the timing of EDUC 229 B, C, D will in most cases necessitate that participating students be either first year students, or second year students on a five year curriculum. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. EDUC 208B: Curriculum Construction
  • Winter/3-4units

For those students interested in completing the final 6 SC units in MedEd, there are a variety of other options including:

    • EDUC 298: Learning in a Networked World
    • EDUC 311X: Open Access Education
    • EDUC 333A: Understanding Learning Environments
    • EDUC 319X: Web-based Technologies in Teaching and Learning
    • INDE 229: Managing Difficult Conversations
    • INDE 236: Introduction to Teaching and Mentoring
    • MED 200 A, B: Practical Applications for Qualitative Data Analysis

Students are encouraged to talk with the concentration co-directors for guidance on appropriate coursework, as well as to discuss exceptions or substitutions (e.g., if previous coursework and/or experience allow for enrolling in alternate courses).

Scholarly Concentrations & the MD Program

The Scholarly Concentration (SC) program is a required, structured program of study in the Medical Student Curriculum that promotes in-depth learning and scholarship. The SC's provide medical students with faculty-mentored scholarly experiences in areas of individual interest combined with structured coursework to support this scholarship.