Health & Safety Training Information

Every job requires some amount of Health and Safety training. 

Training Responsibilities

Supervisors, both faculty and staff, have the specific responsibility to see that systems for communicating with employees and students about health and safety matters in their jurisdiction are implemented and maintained. Information must be presented in a manner readily understandable to the affected employees and students.

Find the Training You Need

All Stanford employees are required to take some health and safety training. Determine which courses you need:

Tier 3 Training for Safety in Lab Work

Tier 3 health and safety training is provided by the principal investigators, lab directors and class instructors for laboratory researchers and assistants, lab class students.  Tier 3 consists of information specific to labs, research groups regarding the special hazards of their work and the specific protocols and procedures to be performed by the individual.

Briefings for New Faculty and Administrators

The School's Health and Safety Programs staff conduct one-on-one briefings for new faculty and department administrators. Please contact us to arrange a time if we haven't already contacted you.

Take a Training

Training Records

Supervisors must document health and safety training and communications, whether conducted in classroom-style, safety meetings, or one-on-one job safety training sessions. Records must be kept of who was trained, who did the training and what was taught. Documentation should include safety meeting or training session agendas, sign-up sheets with signatures of attendees, and copies of any written communications. Records of training must be kept for at least one year and be readily available for inspection.