Managing Emergencies at Stanford School of Medicine

At Stanford, planning ahead for emergencies is part of normal business planning and campus life, and all members of the Stanford community share a responsibility for preparedness.  An emergency can strike anytime or anywhere, and a disaster will affect everyone. 

School of Medicine Emergency Management Program

Safety and Emergency Management administers the overall School of Medicine Emergency Management Program that includes a comprehensive emergency plan and a school emergency command center (also called Department Operations Center or DOC). The goal of the Emergency Management Program is to protect our personnel, facilities, infrastructure, programs, and research.  In addition, the program supports the overall campus emergency response and recovery efforts.

Department, Division, Institute, Center and Program Responsibilities

In addition to the planner efforts at the school level, each Department, Division, Institute, Center, and Program within the School of Medicine maintains their own Emergency Response Plan, which outlines strategies for protecting personnel and programs and methods of coordinating with the School of Medicine DOC.  Safety and Emergency Management coordinates this effort and assists key representatives with their planning efforts.

Community Level Responsibilities

At the community level, all faculty, staff and students have a personal responsibility for knowing what to do before, during, and after an emergency to protect their safety and their work. 

If You Have Questions

Please contact the School of Medicine Emergency Management Program at or 650-721-6269 for assistance.