Common Questions

Commonly requested contacts

  • Stanford Hospital and LPCH Children’s Hospital Service Desk: 498-4400
  • Conference Room Booking at MedScheduler: 721-5626
  • SOM Computer helpdesk: 725-8000
  • SOM Janitorial/Pest Control/Landscape Manager


My work request won’t go through, what’s wrong?
When submitting a work order, be sure to use the flashlight symbol to the right of each entry field. Search for the building, name etc. and “select” your choice. Often the reason the request will not go through is because the spacing and/or punctuation in the fields do not match system requirements. Searching for and selecting the answer will ensure the required format is followed.

Why am I getting an error for my PTA on the request form?
Grant PTA’s will not work in the request form because they are not approved to fund building/facilities issues. If your PTA is not a grant PTA and it still does not work, the PTA approver you have entered may not be listed as an approver in the system. Call the service desk and we will assist you in looking up the correct PTA approver.

Can you help with phones, projectors, or the network?
Please submit a helpsu ticket for help with these items.

How can I get an estimate first?
When you enter a project or customer funded work request, a “Work Estimate Required” option will appear and you may click “yes” or “no.” Choosing “No” will tell us to go ahead and schedule the work and you will pay time & materials. Choosing “Yes” will tell us you want an estimate sent to you for approval before we schedule the requested work.
Click here for more information on the estimate process.

How fast can I expect service?
Quick Responses/Urgent Issues:

We have quick responders on staff, ready for urgent situations during regular business hours. (7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) If there is an urgent situation, call the service desk and your request will be dispatched right away. We will contact you regarding a “Quick Response” request within 24 hours of the request submittal. O&M Personnel are on call after hours and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Routine Requests/Non-urgent Issues:

The assigned personnel will address non-urgent requests as soon as possible. We aim to accommodate the start and end times entered in the work request. We must also take into account the practicality of the dates requested and competing priorities. If there are specific dates in which the work needs to be performed, please note the dates in the work request description and we will accommodate accordingly.

How do I report maintenance issues?
We offer two options to request service:

  1. Submit a work request
  2. Call the service desk at 650-721-2146

What services are provided by janitorial?
Janitorial services include regularly scheduled cleaning such as trash pick up, vacuuming, mopping, dusting of common areas, bathrooms, kitchens, removal of flattened cardboard from hallways, etc. More intensive cleaning is scheduled on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis including; carpet extraction, stripping and waxing of tile floors, exterior and interior window washing, and furniture. Janitorial services also include the disposal of biowaste, sharps, medical waste, and broken glass pick up. If you have any questions, please call the service desk.

What do I do to dispose of broken glass?
Purchase a glass disposal box on Smart Mart, fill the box with the glass and leave it in the hallway with a note for “Trash pick up.” The night janitorial staff will dispose of the box.

What is a “Quick Response?”
Any situation that could cause serious damage to life, the building, and/or University property, such as:

  • Cold-box temperature issues
  • Dripping sinks/faucets, potential flooding
  • Electrical odor
  • Exterior Doors not securing/locking/closing
  • Hot/Cold temperature controlled labs
  • Major Water Leak
  • Overflowing toilet/running toilets/urinals
  • Server room temperature issues
  • Strange equipment noises
  • Strong Gas Odor
  • Too hot/too cold in Admin areas
  • Unable to secure exterior door


See Who Pays for my Request for details on what is Facilities Funded and what is Customer Funded.

What is “Facilities Funded?”
The O&M budget covers operational and maintenance costs for SOM grounds, buildings, and core systems.

  • Ceiling, flooring, baseboards
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Emergency generator testing
  • Existing doors and hardware repair
  • Existing Electrical systems/outlet repairs
  • Exterior/interior lobbies, stairwells, restrooms and classrooms/labs
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment maintenance
  • Plumbing systems and fixture repairs
  • Re-lamping
  • Scheduled Janitorial service
  • Scheduled Trash/Recycle


See Who Pays for my Request for details on what is Facilities Funded and what is Customer Funded.

What is “Customer Funded?”

  • Extra Housekeeping services, pre & post event clean up, interior window washing
  • Lab Equipment
  • Rekey and key requests
  • Seismic restraints for purchased equipment
  • Window treatments (blinds)


See Who Pays for my Request for details on what is Facilities Funded and what is Customer Funded.

Concerns and Suggestions

(650) 721-2146