Do I Need an Estimate?

General cost information is listed below to help you decide whether or not you need an estimate. To see the steps in the estimate process, review the Work Order Process Flowchart.


The hourly rate for all SOM Operations and Maintenance technicians is $88 for hour for all trades.


Key costs vary based on labor charges and the cost of the key blank. Key blanks cost approximately $1 - $5. You may provide the key number in an attempt to minimize labor charges.

Card Readers

Adding a wireless card reader is typically between $2,600-$3,000.


The department must pay for anything outside of the janitorial contract. See contracted janitorial services. Common janitorial estimates are given below as a point of reference.

  • Weekend cleaning rate is $35/Hour with a 4-hour minimum 
  • Steam cleaning the carpet in a10x10 office is $155
  • Detail cleaning a 10x10 office is $210
  • Striping and re-waxing the floor for a 20x40 space is $200