Planned Utility Shutdowns/Outages

If you are a Contractor or Project Manager and need to shut off a utility in order to preform work, you are required to submit an online Utility Shutdown Request form. This form is routed to key SOM Operations and Maintenance (O&M) staff who will attempt to accommodate the requested dates. A new date may be suggested, depending on the needs of the occupants. O&M staff will contact you to confirm details.

Utility Shutdown Procedure

  1. The SoM Project Manger sends out general “Pre-Notification Notice” informing building occupants of upcoming planned interruption in servicesPre-Notification Notice includes suggested date, time frame and general locating informationBuilding occupants are encouraged to respond if the suggested date and time does not work for them.
  2. With date and times established contractor fills out “Utility Shutdown Request Form” and submits directly to O&M and copies the SoM Project Manager.
    1. 7-day notice required for small utility shutdowns, only sections of the building are affected
    2. 14- day notice is required for major utility shutdowns where entire building is affected, includes server rooms
  3. O&M receives utility shutdown form and meets with requesting contractor to confirm scope of work, extent of outage, includes all investigation work to identify departments affected.
  4. O&M sends out “Official Notice” via email, posts signage and informs SHC Security
  5. If applicable, O&M meets directly with department and end users affected by shut down, including MED IRT and occupants who have expressed concerns or who may need support, ex. Generator, extension cords, backup power, cooling, etc.
  6. O&M shuts down utilityExample: turns off the chilled water supply & return valves and drains the lines.
  7. Contractor performs work. If OSHPD project, IOR and O&M Staff should be present.
  8. O&M returns the utility back to normal operating conditions and confirms functionality throughout the buildingExample: fills the chilled waterlines, opens the valves, checks the automation system, returns building operations.
  9. If outage exceeds time identified in “Official Notice” contractor must contact the SoM Project Manager who will send notice via email to building occupants requesting extension.
  10. E&M or Contractor notifies SoM Project Manager who sends notice work has been completed and building has been restored to full operations.