Project Management: Our Team

    The School of Medicine (SoM) Project Management team supports an average of 80-90 projects annually. These projects range in scope including office, lab, and classroom renovations to specialized equipment spaces, data centers and new building construction. The project costs range from $5,000 to upwards of $200 million. These projects are either:

  • Departmentally Managed Projects (DMP) where OFPM takes on the role of Project Manager
  • OFPM partners with the Department of Project Management (DPM). These projects are managed by DPM and OFPM takes on the role of Owner/User Representative


The SoM project managers are professionals deeply committed to the mission of the School of Medicine. They understand the dynamic and multi-faceted environment they work in as they coordinate efforts with multiple jurisdiction such as Stanford agencies and departments, Hospital groups and the design and construction industry, while constantly focusing on meeting the needs of School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students.

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