Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Depending on the project, the School of Medicine Project Management team will take on the role of either the Project Manager or the Owner/User Representative. We take on the role “as Project Manager” when we manage the project internally within the school and “as Owner/User Representative” when the University Department of Project Management takes on the role as Project Manager.

As Project Manager

OFPM takes on the role of Project Manager for Departmentally Managed Projects also known as DMP's. These are generally all projects under $5 million where we are responsible for managing the entire project from scoping through close-out.

As Owner/User Representative

OFPM partners with the University Department of Project Management (DPM) on all projects $10 million and above. The DPM project manager oversees the budget, schedule, team, and contracts and OFPM takes the role of owner/user representative.