Stanford Medicine Music Network

The Stanford Medicine Music Network held its inaugural concert on Dec. 3, 2014. To view the concert, click here

A Network for Healers, Musicians and Music Lovers

There has long been a vibrant relationship between medicine and music. Music has been called "medicine for the brain,” and provides a direct human connection among performers and listeners. Many caregivers and patients use and play music for its soothing and restorative power. The Stanford healthcare community has innumerable musicians among its faculty, students, staff, and alumni who previously had no easy way to connect.

To facilitate that connection and support the development of a vibrant music community at Stanford Medicine, we are pleased to launch the Stanford Medicine Music Network (SMMN, pronounced summon) through Stanford's Medicine & the Muse Program. SMMN hopes to become an enthusiastic network of musicians and music lovers who come together to share music with each other and the wider Stanford community.

We invite musicians of all abilities to join this effort. If you are not a musician but would like to support the SMMN, we invite you to participate in other ways, including organizing events, volunteering, graphic design and hosting concerts. By filling out the short online form, you can add your name, contact information, instrument and musical interests for other SMMN members to see. Then refer to the database to find your musical peers.

Initially, the SMMN will provide an online meeting place for musicians in the Stanford healthcare community looking to share their love of music. As we grow, we hope to organize concerts and events to honor and support healthy communities, connecting Stanford Medicine to the Bay Area and beyond through music. We look forward to seeing your name on the list, and hearing you play!

For more information on the Stanford Medicine Music Network, please contact Jacqueline Genovese.

Stanford medical students hosted two open mic nights in LKSC in Fall 2016 (organized by medical students Sheun Aluko and Ryan Brewster).

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02/13/17, Scope
--Stanford Medicine’s Open Mic: Using music and art to express the human connection
This post by Jacqueline Genovese highlights Stanford School of Medicine’s second Open Mic night that took place earlier this month. Matias Bruzoni, assistant professor of surgery; Shay Aluko, second-year medical student; Kathryn Wu, MD-PhD student; Ryan Brewster, first-year medical student; Andrea Garofalo, first-year medical student; and Jacob Blythe, second-year medical student, are referenced here.

Stanford Music and Medicine

Stanford Music and Medicine (SMAM) is a new initiative that strives to bring awareness of the health and medical benefits of music to the Stanford and Bay Area community. In addition to organizing volunteer events, we seek to host and sponsor events that educate the community on the effects of music on the brain, mind, and soul.

SMMN Piano Schedule

Click here to view the SMMN piano schedule. The grand piano is located in the 2nd floor lobby of LKSC.