The Vanishing Line

The Vanishing Line follows physician/filmmaker Maren Monsen's journey toward understanding the art and issues of dying. A contemplative and personal film, The Vanishing Line takes viewers on a lyrical and heartfelt quest to discover an "art of dying" in a world that teaches physicians how to prolong life, but offers few prescriptions for coping with death. She learns from Jim Brigham, a hospice social worker who works with terminally ill clients, negotiating in advance whether they want to be resuscitated, what comfort measures to take, and whether to go to a hospital or die at home. In this age of medical "miracles," an increasing number of doctors, hospice workers, patients, and their families are being forced to ask these questions.  



"I hope that after seeing this film, people will look at death in a different way. We talk about quality of life, yet never quality of death."

-Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD


  • Nominated by P.O.V. for a National Emmy Award (1999)
  • Selected for INPUT (the International Public TV Conference) (1999)
  • Program of the Year National Hospice Organization (1998)
  • First Place, Nashville Independent Film Festival (1998)
  • One From the Heart Award, Mid-Peninsula Hospice (1998)