Web-based Projects

Student and Alumni:

* Alam, Shahed. Weblog on Map Your World Project with the children of West Bengal

* Blauwet, Cheri. Paralympics, Health and Human Rights

*Gold, Jessi. Mental health series for Huffington Post.

* Hill, Katherine. Blog: Trust Me, I’m a Medical Student: Reflections on Life at Stanford Med

*Lomeli, Danica and Lines, Emily. Podcast: Becoming Doctors

* Maitra, Amrapali. Blog: Global Health – Women’s Words: Intervening in Domestic Violence

* Meites, Elissa. HIPPOCRATES: Online History of Medicine Course INDE 226

*Melkonian, Arek. Medtiquity: Medical Etymology, History, and Other Musings

*Minor, Melissa. Understanding Prisoner Health Care

* Park, Irene. Katie Has Diabetes. Illustrations and animation by Ecker P. 2002

*Pischel, Lauren & Colleagues. The Dropped Note Podcast, Yale Department of Internal Medicine

Faculty, Staff, Housestaff and Affiliates:

* Carreon, David and Gold, Jessica. Podcast: Psyched! 

*Jain, Shaili. Weblog on mental health and veterans

*Jette, Christine. Death Without Dignity. California Society of Anesthesiologists Online First, Sep 2016.