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Background and Timeline

The faculty of the Nephrology is located in each of the three teaching hospitals, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. The location of the medical center on university land has facilitated interaction among the undergraduate and graduate school faculties. This has had a catalytic effect on the research and teaching enterprise, which in turn has been translated by the clinical faculty from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside.

  1. Bryan Myers, MD succeeds Jamison as head of Nephrology.

  2. Glenn Chertow, MD is appointed Chief of Nephrology

  3. Jamison becomes Division Chief.

  4. The Division of Nephrology has 3 Professors, 3 Emeritus Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors and 2 Clinican/Educators. We currently train 17 clinical and research fellows.

  5. The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the county hospital of Santa Clara County, expands and opens a new renal center.

  6. Timothy W. Meyer, MD succeeds Myers as Chief of Nephrology.

  7. Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System moved into a brand new state-of-the-art medical facility.

  8. Nephrology Division is founded. Roy Maffly, MD and Rex Jamison, MD serve as Co-chiefs.

  9. Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System located adjacent to Stanford Campus becomes principal teaching hospital affiliated with Stanford. It is located adjacent to the Stanford campus.