Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Designated as Level IV (Highest Level) Epilepsy CENTER

Stanford is one of the nation's leading centers for clinical care of people with seizure disorders and for basic science research on mechanisms of epilepsy. Our team members have been some of the pioneer discoverers of cellular mechanisms of epilepsy and its surgical treatment options. Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, with its large number of multidisciplinary members, follows approximately 4000 patients with seizures and performs consultations on many more. Each year, we admit about 300 patients to our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit for comprehensive evaluation of seizures including video/EEG surveillance. Patients with uncontrolled psychogenic seizure-like events are offered comprehensive neuropsychiatry evaluation and follow up. Patients with uncontrolled epileptic seizures are further evaluated at the Stanford Program for Intractable Epilepsy for device therapies, brain surgery, or enrollment in clinical trials. Our current research includes groundbreaking exploration into the causes of epilepsy and the effect of seizures and medications on human cognition and emotion, as well as, inventing new devices for its treatment.

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Designated by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers with its highest distinction level as a level 4 center, the Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Program is ranked among the top comprehensive centers in the nation.