Stanford Neurohospitalist Program

The Stanford Neurohospitalist Program was created in 2014 with the mission of providing high-quality, patient-centered care for hospitalized individuals with neurological disorders. Our program is committed to clinical excellence, accepting transfers of complex hospitalized neurological patients from all over the world.

Drs. Kvam and Gold have completed fellowship training in the emerging subspecialty of Neurohospitalist care and have clinical expertise in the inpatient diagnosis and management of a wide range of neurological conditions. These include epilepsy, headaches, autoimmune conditions, neuromuscular diseases, demyelinating diseases, brain tumors, meningitis and encephalitis, dementia, and neurological complications of medical illnesses. 

Dr. Vora is fellowship trained and board-certified in neurology and vascular neurology and specializes in treating vascular disorders including TIA, vasculitis, dissection, venous thrombosis, and undetermined or “cryptogenic” causes of stroke. She directs the Stanford Global Health Neurology program, through which she started the first stroke unit in Zimbabwe and gained experience in HIV neurology and other neuro-infectious diseases.