Neurology & Neurological Sciences Grand Rounds

Neurology Grand Rounds & Clinical Case Presentations


July 10

“Interictal EEG, Spikes and Network Biomarkers of Outcome in Pediatric Epilepsy”

Eric Marsh, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

July 17

“Genomic-Based Translational Studies in Inflammatory Myopathies”  

Steven Greenberg, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

July 24

“Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Treatment by Gene Modification”

John Day, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology, of Pediatrics (Genetics) and, by courtesy, of Pathology at the Stanford University Medical Center

July 31

“Monthly Departmental QI Conference”

(Dept. Neuroscience SHC, adjunct faculty and professional staff only)

Only Neuroscience Faculty and Staff with SHC Badges will be admitted

Lawrence Recht, MD
Professor of Neurology and, by courtesy, of Neurosurgery at the Stanford University Medical Center

August 7

“The Future of (Parkinson) Care”

Bastiaan Bloem, MD, PhD
Professor of Movement Disorder Neurology and Medical Director, Parkinson Center, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Netherlands

August 14

“Update on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues in Mitochondrial Diseases”

Hannes Vogel, MD
Professor of Pathology and of Pediatrics (Pediatric Genetics) and, by courtesy, of Neurosurgery, of Neurology and of Comparative Medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center


Greg Enns, MD
Professor of Pediatrics (Genetics) at the Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital

August 21
LKSC 130

Quality Assurance
“A New Era: Immunocompetent PML”

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Tresa McGranahan, MD
Neurology PGY-3

August 28

Neurostimulation for Epilepsy

Robert Fisher, M
The Maslah Saul Professor in the Department of Neurology and Professor, by courtesy, of Neurosurgery at the Stanford University Medical Center

September 4

“New Randomized Clinical Trials of Endovascular Therapy”

Greg Albers, MD
The Coyote Foundation Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of Neurosurgery at the Stanford University Medical Center

september 11

“The Google BASELINE Project: Opportunities for Great Science and Collaboration”

Kenneth Mahaffey, MD
Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine) at the Stanford University Medical Center

September 18

Quality Assurance Rounds

Autonomy vs Beneficence: Challenges to Shared Decision-Making in the Era of Patient-Centered Care

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Katherine Leaver, MD
Stanford Neurology Resident

September 25

“How to Close the Loop from Neuronal Rewiring to Functional Recovery after Stroke”

Anna-Sophia Wahl, PhD
Professor of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, ETH Zurich       

September 25
Clark Center Auditorium

Stroke Collaborative Action Network (SCAN) Symposium

Clark Center Auditorium

On September 25, 2015, SCAN will host a day-long symposium of mixed clinical and basic science talks on stroke recovery from both outside guest speakers and Stanford researchers.

October 2

"Genetics and the Dawn of Precision Medicine for Epilepsy"

Daniel Lowenstein, MD
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, UCSF, Robert B. and Mrs. Eleanor Aird Professor of Neurology, UCSF School of Medicine

October 9

Clinical Pathological Case Presentation

“AIDS Neurology: a Zebra or a Horse Painted as a Zebra"

Kasra Kathibi, MD, Stanford Neurology Resident

October 16

"Neural Circuits as Substrates of Mental Illness and Targets for Therapeutics"

Amit Etkin, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford

October 23

"Novel Approaches to the Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease"

Michael Greicius, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Neurology and, by courtesy, of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

October 30

Quality Assurance Rounds
(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Winnie Lau, MD, Stanford

November 6

Clinical Pathological Case Presentation:  "A Case of Neonatal Leukodystrophy”

Autumn Ivy, MD, Stanford Neurology Resident


November 13

Quality Assurance Rounds: "Pediatric Stroke Post-Tonsillectomy"

(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Jenna Klotz, MD, Stanford

November 27

Thanksgiving Break

December 4

“Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Brain Repair and Cognitive Recovery in Pediatric Brain Injury”  

Donald Mabbott, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
9th Riley Church Guest Professor, Stanford Pediatric Neurology

December 11
Clark Center Auditorium

“Research Presentation: (Dis)Connectomics: Functional Neural Network Disruption in Acute Stroke”

Chris Hemmond, MD
Stanford Neurology Resident

December 18

Topic-Vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Julie A. Schneider, MD, MS
Professor of Neuropathology and Neurological Sciences Associate Director, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

December 25

Winter Break


January 1

Winter Break

January 8

Quality Assurance Rounds
(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

James Ho, MD
Stanford Neurology Resident

January 15

Topic-Myelin degeneration, protection and repair

Charles French-Constant, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair of Medical Neurology, University of Edinburgh, Director of the University of Edinburgh Medical research Council Centre for Regenerative Medicine

January 22

Topic- Research on basic mechanisms underlying migraine headache

Rami Burstein, MD
John Hedley-Whyte Professor of Anaesthesia and Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School

January 29

Clinical Pathological Case Presentation

Melissa Mausolf, MD
Stanford Neurology Resident

February 5

Topic – Neonatal brain injury

Donna Ferriero, MD, MS
W.H. and Marie Wattis Distinguished Professor & Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Physican in Chief UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, UCSF School of Medicine

February 12

Topic- Autoimmune Encephalitis

Josep Dalmau, MD, PhD
Research Professor ICREA-IDIBAPS, Neurology Service, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona; Adjunct Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania

February 19

Topic – Glioma

Lawrence Recht, MD
Professor of Neurology, Stanford University Medical Center

February 26

Topic- Neurocritical care: traumatic brain injury, multimodal monitoring in the ICU

Lori Shutter, MD, FCCM, FNCS
Professor, Depts of Critical Care Medicine, Neurology & Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

March 11

Topic- Pseudotumor cerebri

Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN
Professor Neurology & Neurotherapeutics and Ophthalmology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

March 18

Topic – Genetic basis of Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders

Susan Bressman, MD
Alan and Joan Mirkin Chair, Department of Neurology, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Mount Sinai Roosevelt Professor of Neurology, Icahn School of Medicine, New York

March 25

Quality Assurance Rounds
(Open only to Neuroscience SHC faculty & professional staff)

Jennifer Shum, MD
Stanford Neurology Resident