Women of Stanford: Neurosurgery

Stanford's Department of Neurosurgery faculty is nearly 25% female, an unprecendented level compared to other Neurosurgery programs around the country, and the world. But there is still much room to improve parity, and to make the path to success in this field less burdensome and stigmatized for women. In this series, women across the Department share their experiences as females in the fields of science and medicine. From what got them hooked on science as children, or motivated them to become doctors, to their determination to overcome the bumps they faced on the road to becoming neurosurgeons, we suspect their stories will resonate with many women, regardless of their chosen profession. We hope that by sharing their stories, we may inspire more young girls to pursue careers in science, and eliminate some of the myths associated with women pursuing one of the most complex and demanding specialties in medicine. 

Dr. Xu will graduate from Stanford's Neurosurgery Training Program in Summer 2018. She will then join the team at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh as an attending neurosurgeon and the director of brain tumor research. 

Dr. Harris specializes in traumatic brain injury, and serves in leadership positions at both Stanford and the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System. 

Dr. Hayden Gephart specializes in the neurosurgical treatment of brain tumors. Her lab focuses on discovering a greater understanding of the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms driving tumorigenesis and disease progression in malignant brain tumors.

Dr. Adamson specializes in diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury. Her work focuses on improving and advancing the standard-of-care provided to veterans and military personnel to improve their daily function and reintegration into society.

Dr. Buckwalter's research focuses on improving recovery after stroke. Her lab's goal is to understand how inflammatory responses contribute to brain damage after stroke and how they influence recovery.

Dr. Harraher leads the Stanford Neurosurgery Outreach Clinic in Santa Cruz where she primarily treats patients with brain tumors, degenerative spine conditions and carotid stenosis.

Dr. Qaiser completed her cerebrovascular fellowship at Stanford in 2017. She is currently practicing pediatric neurosurgery at West Virgina University Medicine.