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A "Well Designed Life" with Kyra Bobinet

“When we don’t understand how our brains work, we blame ourselves for not following through,” says behavior-change expert Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH. As the CEO-founder of engagedIN, a design firm using neuroscience to change behavior, she is committed to helping people crack the code of how, what, and especially, why we engage in things. In this podcast, she discusses her new book, Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy, & Purposeful Life, in which she lays the groundwork for anyone to design the changes they want to see in their life. Bobinet teaches courses on patient engagement, empowerment, and health design at the Stanford Anesthesia Informatics and Media Lab with Larry Chu, MD, MS, founder of MedicineX.


Photo by Paul Rosenthal

Length: 34 mins. 10 sec.

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