Older Adult and Family Center  

Older Adult and Family Center

For the past 15 years, our mission has been to improve the health and well-being of those caring for a family member with memory loss or dementia, and to serve the ethnically diverse communities of Northern California.

What’s a Caregiver?

When we refer to caregivers, we are referring to those that provide frequent (sometimes daily) unpaid help to older relatives with significant memory loss due to problems such as Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders (e.g., strokes, Parkinson’s disease, etc.) who are living in the community. Some have estimated that on any given day nationwide, caregivers provide help to literally millions of disabled older adults. As caregivers and care recipients grow in number, more is being learned about what it means to care for a sick or impaired relative, family member, or friend.

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Dolores Gallagher-Thompson
Phone: (800) 943-4333
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