Equity, Access, Inclusion in Medicine

Hold the date for our next symposium AI in Medicine: Inclusion & Equity (AiMIE) Symposium, @ Stanford. August 22, 2018.

Read more about our recent symposium entitled HIAI Symposium: Human Intelligence in Medicine, which took place on April 17, 2018.

Stanford Presence 5

With initial funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and under the co-leadership of Donna Zulman MD and Abraham Verghese, MD, our goal is to develop the Stanford Presence 5.

Presence – CASBS Fellowship

A fellowship with the Stanford Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) will support one fellow who will be engaged in nudging forward the strategic focus of Presence.

Applicants who can articulate how their fellowship will contribute to the Presence mission and strategic direction.

Presence – Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Partnership 

Adding Presence curriculum, criteria and mentorship to the decades plus highly successful Center whose goal is to "create an ecosystem of training and support for Stanford University students, fellows, and faculty with the talent and ambition to become health technology innovators. Our goal was (and continues to be) looking beyond research and discovery to provide the knowledge, skills, mentoring, and networking required to deliver meaningful and valuable innovations to patients everywhere." Adding a focus around the human impact, inclusion and equity."

New Courses in Design Thinking for Presence impact

This course partners with IDEO to bring design thinking to address the challenges of diagnostic error in medicine. 

Evidence Based Psycho-Social Factors in Health with Stanford's Mind Body Lab

Presence-Biomedical Ontology Fellow - applications open

Innovative Health Care Leaders Program - Presence - GSB Partnership

Innovation. Leadership. Resilience. Today’s successful health care leaders must demonstrate all three. In this extraordinary one-week program, you’ll learn how design thinking and personal leadership skills can help you develop innovative solutions to the specific challenges facing health care leaders — from improving patient care and prioritizing physician wellness to developing negotiation skills and anticipating health care reform.

Stanford Medicine 25 

Dr. Verghese and team originally created Stanford Medicine 25 to teach thorough physical examination skills to our trainees. Over the years, this desire to teach Presence at the bedside has evolved into a global movement which includes Stanford based training, our annual Symposium, training videos with global reach, and more. The 2015 IOM Report showcased the impact of S25 and a 2015 paper reconfirmed the need for Presence in order to reduce medical errors.

Society of Bedside Medicine

Cybergrant Winter 2015

The mission of the Stanford Cyber Initiative is to produce research and frame debates on the future of cyber-social systems.

MD Wellness

Funding pilots and partnering with colleagues in WellMD Research Team.


FRAMILY (Friends and Family) Role and Empowerment

The caregivers in a patients world include their friends and family. This "framily" is currently an untapped gold mine for the medical system to proactively and productively engage for better patient outcomes. Presence is incubating research to better understand what works and how best to leverage it.