Seed Grants Process

Request for Proposals – PRESENCE AiMIE 2018 Seed Grants Program

The Stanford Presence Center is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the PRESENCE AiMIE 2018 Seed Grants Program. The goal of the program is to explore solutions, frameworks, and concepts to address the challenges raised at the symposium relating to the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and associated technologies, processes, and policies to address inclusion and equity in medicine and healthcare.

Award Information:

Six grantees will be awarded a maximum of $25,000 each.

Applicant Eligibility:

Open to Stanford faculty members at any career stage. Grantees are encouraged to collaborate with fellows, post-docs, students, staff and community colleagues. 

*Note: All grant applicant teams are required to ensure that at least one key team member attends the August 22nd symposium to truly understand the issues being raised and explored.

Selection Criteria:

All proposals will be screened for eligibility and then reviewed using the following criteria:

* A clearly defined plan and benchmarks for achieving the proposed goals

* Evidence that the proposed efforts outlined will respond to needs and priority

* Rationale for how the work outlined will advance the goals

* Capacity of the grant applicant's team to implement the proposed project and manage the grant funds, including prohibitions against lobbying and political activities

Due Date:

RFPs are due by 5:00 pm PT on September 30, 2018 and should be submitted to:

Submission Process and Requirements:

By September 30th, please submit one PDF file containing the following in the order listed below via email attachment to:

File name:  Last name_Presence_Seed_grant.pdf

1. Title Page

Name of this RFP:  Stanford Seed Grants for AI/ML in Medicine: Inclusion & Equity

Project Title

Team Lead(s): name, title, department/organization, address, phone and email address

Team Members: name, title, department/organization, address, phone and email address

2. Proposed Project

Discussion of how the proposed project would address impact in AI/ML in Medicine: Inclusion & Equity.

Format: Do not exceed 3 pages in length (≥ 0.5” margins, font equivalent to Times New Roman 12pt), not including references or illustrations. Include:

¥                Background of what is known (or not known)

¥                Rationale and possible impact of gaining insights, creating impact, research etc.

¥                Specific Aims

¥                Basic Design and Methods (and any innovations)

¥                Timeline [Note: The study should be completed within the funding period though shorter timelines are encouraged, with the plan to apply this to an application (i.e. “Preliminary Studies”) to be submitted, or for a larger project to be initiated, within 18 months.]

3.  Description of Investigators/team members and relevant experience should be presented separately (no page restrictions, but brevity is preferred) with a brief discussion of the nature or value of the collaboration. For each team member:  First and last name, position, school/department/organization, and relevant experience and nature or value of the collaboration.

4.  Budget Outline

Please submit a budget outline indicating how you plan to spend the money. Funding can include support for post-doctoral fellows and relevant staff.

Funding Guidelines:

Stanford Presence Center Seed Grants are supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio Grant. Thus, funds must be used for the identified project and through the identified dates. Unused funds shall revert to the Stanford Presence Center. University Administrative Guidelines (anchored in IRS/relevant authorities) must be followed. Generally, the funds are unrestricted. No RWJF funds can be used for lobbying. No indirect funds are provided.

Notification of funding decisions will be sent on October 15, 2018.

Questions may be addressed to