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  • Eileen B. Leary

    Eileen B. Leary

    Ph.D. Student in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, admitted Autumn 2017

    Current Role at Stanford Senior Manager of Clinical Research
    Responsibilities included leading technical initiatives, writing grants/proposals, performing statistical analysis and power calculations for grant applications/publications, designing research studies/clinical trials, developing budgets, negotiating contracts, and actively building successful collaborations with internal and third party organizations.

    •Project Director for the Stanford Technology Analytics and Genomics in Sleep (STAGES) study: a prospective study that will sleep related data on 30,000 sleep clinic patients (age 13 and up) including genetic and phenotypic data. Managed the study at the strategic level to ensure that the project progresses on time and on budget. Chair the Operations Committee, coordinated the development of the data management portal, provided high-level oversight for data collection, and managed the databases and servers for and secure storage and sharing.

    • Helped department secure >40 million dollars in funding by directing the submission of 15 grant applications. Grants included an 18 million dollar family foundation grant to build a prospective cohort of 30k sleep clinic patients and a 7.85 million dollar NIH P01 grant to research the genetic, neurobiological, and immunological basis of type 1 narcolepsy.

    • Project Director for the Alliance Sleep Questionnaire (ASQ): an online questionnaire that uses complex, branching logic to identify potential sleep disorders. Partnered with stakeholders from 5 sites to develop the ASQ’s content, conducted the pilot study, managed deployment, and integrated the new tool into the core workflow at Stanford’s Sleep Clinic. Responsible for the ongoing management of the ASQ (monitoring data acquisition and integrity, assessing data quality, developing scoring algorithms, and performing data analysis). To date, the ASQ has been completed by over 10,000 people, is critical for >10 research studies (including STAGES, Google baseline pilot), and has become standard of care at the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center.

    • Database Architect/Administrator for the Stanford Sleep Cohort and Narcolepsy Cohort. Created system to link clinical, research, and sleep study data on >40,000 individuals including biological data on >5,000 narcolepsy cases and >15,000 controls. Optimized data security and operational effectiveness by providing technical expertise and developing both the schema and data dictionaries.

    • Implemented and managed Stanford’s Multi-site PSG Triple Re-Score Project. Authored manual of operations for the Stanford Site, developed a partnership with Philips Respironics to streamline data-export of >500 studies, hired/managed scoring techs, produced final dataset, and provided regular updates to the project’s steering committee.

    • Program and Technical Director of Stanford’s Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program. Developed A-STEP’s course curriculum (including speakers and materials), managed all administrative requirements (enrollment and record keeping), and presented lectures on various topics ranging from sleep scoring to patient hook ups.

    • Provided operational oversight for 8 clinical studies with sample sizes ranging from 40 to over 8,000.

    • Authored/co-authored 30 manuscripts and abstracts published in scientific journals.

    • Composed/managed >40 department active IRB protocols (involved updates/renewals, adherence to regulations, and coordination of inter institutional agreements with >25 collaborators).