Stanford WellConnect

Stanford WellConnect is a confidential mental health referral and consultation for residents and fellows.   There are times when stressors can get in the way of balancing the demands of professional and personal life, and without help, problems can intensify, having an effect on emotional and physical well-being and professional success.  Although emotional distress often manifests in obvious ways, the symptoms of many psychological problems can be subtle.  We're here to help.


Our services for Residents and Fellows include:

–– Individual counseling
–– Couples counseling
–– Substance abuse assessment and counseling
–– Medication evaluation
–– Medication management

For Program Directors, Faculty, and Staff

Consultation to assist in the recognition of mental health concerns of residents and fellows and, if necessary, in making decisions about how best to address the situation. Stanford WellConnect also offers wellness curriculum consultations and can provide your team with lectures and workshops on:

–– Work-life balance
–– Sleep hygiene
–– Stress and anger management
–– Team building and interpersonal effectiveness
–– Accepting and giving feedback
–– Identifying the signs of burnout, anxiety and depression

For Residents and Fellows

Be alert to signs in yourself and those around you. Address significant environmental stressors and life transitions proactively and talk to us before stress becomes too much. Signs and symptoms of concern may be:

–– Feeling drained
–– Becoming frustrated and irritated by routine demands
–– Memory, concentration difficulties
–– Loss of empathy or compassion fatigue
–– Stress-related physical symptoms, such as GI problems and fatigue
–– Relationship issues
–– Problems with self-care
–– Insomnia or lethargy
–– Changes in appetite
–– Isolation from friends
–– Feelings of hopelessness
–– Thoughts of self-harm

Contact us

To contact WellConnect yourself -- or to make a referral -- simply call our staff at (650) 724-1395  -- we’re here 24 hours a day.

Remember that all contact with WellConnect staff is completely confidential. Our mission is to fully support the personal, social and emotional well-being of Stanford house staff with 24 hour consultation and referrals to pre-screened, highly qualified mental health providers.

Lisa I. Post, Ph.D., and Mickey Trockel, M.D., Ph.D., co-direct the program, based in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.