Welcome to Stanley Qi lab

New Technology Enables New Science


The Qi lab is looking at how genomic and molecular programs encode complex cellular and organismal behaviors such as decision making, cell growth and differentiation, tissue regeneration, and how aberrations of these programs cause diseases. To do this, we have been developing technologies for exploring the fundamental principles governing the mammalian genome at multiple scales. For example, we have developed CRISPR genome engineering technologies for manipulating the transcription and epigenetic programs of the mammalian genome, and have been seeking new ways for engineering neurons and therapeutic immune cells with reprogrammed functions, fates, and decisions. We are also interested in studying both the fundamental principles governing these molecular programs, as well as the way such programs can be rationally re-engineered using synthetic biology. This is an exciting period for innovative technological breakthroughs in engineering biology: the creation of completely novel tools, technologies, and approaches will enable our unprecedented ability to manipulating the biological systems by interfacing with, interrogating, and engineering basic molecules, the genome, molecular networks, and whole cells.