Research Management Group (RMG)

Roles and Responsibilities



Pre-Expiration Review

PI / Department

RMG (for grants)
ICO (for industrial contracts)
OSR (for all other contracts)

              OSR Accounting
    60 days prior to end date of the award, transmits notifications of upcoming closeouts to departments, RMG, and/or OSR Contracts following the Closeout Strategy >>

Tracks end dates of grant and contract awards. 

Reviews PTA to confirm correct allocation of expenses.  Prepares iJournals as needed. 

Requests a no cost extension if project is to continue beyond the current end date.

Refer to NCX section located in “Progress/Interim Reports, Continuation Proposals" section >>

Posts final expenses in preparation for the impending closeout if project will not continue. 

For awards where a no-cost extension is pending with the sponsor but is not yet confirmed in writing, completes an Extended PTA From (OSR Form 40 >>), and forwards to RMG.  Notifies OSR Closeout Accountant.


Note:  Completion and approval of the No-Cost Extension Request Form &/or Extended PTA form does NOT remove an award from closeout.

OSR will continue to move forward with the closeout process until the NCX approval from the sponsor is received and the NOA is processed.

RPM reviews and approves the Extended PTA Form, obtains effort waiver if needed, checks that compliance approvals are in place, routes form to SoM Controller’s Office for approval. 

Controller’s Office routes back to RMG. 

For grants and industrial contracts:  RPM signs form and forwards to OSR Account Set-up for processing.

For all other contracts:

RPM forwards the form to OSR Contracts for approval.  OSR Contract Officer then forwards form to OSR Account Set-up for processing.
Receives Extended PTA form and processes request.

Award Closeout
and Early Termination

PI / Department

RMG (for grants)
ICO (for industrial contracts)
OSR (for all other contracts)

              OSR Accounting

If all funds are expended and project is completed before end date arrives, communicates desire to terminate award early to RMG, ICO, or OSR, depending on the agreement type.


Works with OSR Accounting >> to close awards within 90 days of award end date by finalizing expenditure review and completing any needed journals.

Clears overdrafts to cost-sharing PTAs.

The RPM, Industrial Contracts Officer and OSR Contracts Officer will perform the following actions for grants, industrial contracts, and all other contracts respectively.

For early terminations:
Communicates early termination request to Sponsor.  Follows up with sponsor until new end date is confirmed.

Process early termination NOA. 

For industrial contracts, the ICO officer sends NOA to RMG for review and distribution

RMG and OSR Contracts distribute NOA to PI/Dept and central offices.

Revises end date in Oracle Financials

Closes award within 90 days of award end date.

Final Report

PI / Department


              OSR Accounting

Prepares and routes final technical, patent, and/or invention reports to RMG for review, approval (if needed), and to document file for closeout. 

Submits final reports to sponsor as required per the terms of the award. 

Provides institutional signature (if needed) on final reports. Responds to sponsor inquiries for final reports.  

Note:  For data to be included in inventions report, contacts the Office of Technology & Licensing (OTL) to obtain docket numbers, titles, and previous reporting dates to sponsor, etc. per sponsor's reporting requirements.

Refer to OTL online reporting site: 



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