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Following is a list of publications starting in 1993, when the Stanford Genome Technology Center was founded.

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Patents & Technology Transfer

Issued Patents

  1. Fetal cell analysis using sample splitting.
    Shoemaker D, Kapur R, Toner M, Stoughton R, Davis RW. (2012). US Patent 8,168,389. [USPTO]
  2. Charge perturbation detection system for DNA and other molecules.
    Pourmand N, Karhanek M, Davis RW. (2012). US Ppatent 8,313,907 [USPTO]
  3. Methods for the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities.
    Kapur, R., Toner, M., Stoughton, R., Shoemaker, D., Davis, RW. (2012). US Patent 8,137,912 [USPTO]
  4. Methods and apparatus for magnetic separation of cells.
    Davis, RW., Jeffrey, SS., Mindrinos, MN., Pease, RF., Powell, AA., Hajhossein,Talasaz, A. (2011). US Patent 8,071,395 [USPTO]
  5. Precircle probe nucleic acid amplification methods.
    Willis, TD. Hardenbol, P. Jain, M. Stolc, V. Ronaghi, M. Davis, RW . (2011). US Patent 7,993,880 [USPTO]
  6. Charge perturbation detection system for DNA and other molecules.
    Pourmand, N. Karhanek, M. Davis, RW. (2011). US Patent 8,012,75 [USPTO]
  7. Rapid, informative diagnostic assay for influenza viruses including H5N1.
    Pourmand, N., Diamond, L., Kumm, J., Davis, RW. (2011). US Patent 7,989,185 [USPTO]
  8. Heat and pH measurement for sequencing of DNA.
    Esfandyarpour, H. Ronaghi, M. (2011). US Patent 7,932,034. [USPTO]
  9. Methods and compositions for use in analyte detection using proximity probes.
    Fredriksson, S., Davis, RW. (2011). US Patent 7,914,987. [USPTO]
  10. Method to produce single stranded DNA of defined length and sequence and DNA probes produced thereby.
    Mindrinos, M., Krishnakumar, S., Davis, RW. (2011). US Patent 7,897,747. [USPTO]
  11. Multiplexed assay and probes for identification of HPV types.
    Pourmand, N., Gharizadeh, B., Davis, RW. (2011). US Patent 7,875,428. [USPTO]
  12. Charge perturbation detection system for DNA and other molecules.
    Pourmand, N., Davis, RW., Karhanek, M. (2010). US Patent 7,785,785. [USPTO]
  13. Semiconductor sensor circuit arrangement.
    Ronaghi, M., Agah, A. (2010). US Patent 7,782,237. [USPTO]
  14. Devices and methods to form a randomly ordered array of magnetic beads and uses thereof.
    Jain, M., White, RL., Roberts, LA. (2010). US Patent 7,682,837. [USPTO]
  15. Method for detecting and amplifying target DNA.
    Willis, TD., Hardenbol, P., Jain, M., Stolc, V., Davis, RW. (2010). US Patent 7,700,323. [USPTO]
  16. Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of micro-volume liquid reactions.
    O'Keefe, M., Foreman, PK. (2010). US Patent 7,833,719. [USPTO]
  17. Methods and compositions for clonal amplification of nucleic acid.
    Ronaghi, M., Mashayekhi, F. (2009). US Patent 7,622,281. [USPTO]
  18. Magnetic sifter.
    Wang, SX., Pourmand, N., White, RL. (2009). US Patent 7,615,382. [USPTO]
  19. Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of micro-volume liquid reactions.
    O'Keefe, M., Foreman, PK. (2009). US Patent 7,604,983. [USPTO]
  20. Renaturation, reassociation, association and hybridization of nucleic acid molecules.
    Namsaraev, E., Davis, RW., Karlin-Neumann, G. (2009). US Patent 7,482,125. [USPTO]
  21. DNA fingerprinting using a branch migration assay.
    Pourmand, N., Davis, RW., Wang, SX. (2009). US Patent 7,501,253. [USPTO]
  22. Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of micro-volume liquid reactions.
    O'Keefe, M., Foreman, PK. (2008). US Patent 7,332,271. [USPTO]
  23. DNA fingerprinting using a branch migration assay.
    Pourmand, N., Davis, RW., Wang, SX. (2007). US Patent 7,238,486. [USPTO]
  24. Charge Sequencing: A New Technique for DNA Sequencing and SNP Detection (Transient electrical signal based methods and devices for characterizing molecular interaction and/or motion in a sample).
    Pourmand, N. Hassibi, A. (2007). US Patent 7,223,540. [USPTO]
  25. Mismatch repair detection.
    Cox, DR, Faham, M., Baharloo, S. (2006). US Patent 7,153,652. [USPTO]
  26. Renaturation, reassociation, association and hybridization of nucleic acid molecules.
    Namsaraev, E., Davis,R.W., Karlin-Neumann, G. (2006). US Patent 7,129,044. [USPTO]
  27. Bioluminescence regenerative cycle (BRC) for nucleic acid quantification.
    Pourmand, N. Hassibi, A. (2006). US Patent 7,141,370. [USPTO]
  28. Direct multiplex characterization of genomic DNA.
    Willis, T.D., Hardenbol, P., Jain, M., Stolc, V., Ronaghi, M., Davis, R.W. (2005). United States Patent 6,858,412. [USPTO]
  29. Method for determining genetic affiliation, substructure and gene flow within human populations.
    Oefner, P.J., Underhill, P.A. (2005). U.S. Patent 6,929,911. [USPTO]
  30. Dimeric fluorescent polypeptides.
    Davis, R.W. Vaillancourt, P. (2005). US Patent US Patent 6,936,428. [USPTO]
  31. Mismatch repair detection.
    Cox D., Faham, M. Bharloo, S. (2004). US Patent 6,709,827. [USPTO]
  32. Identification of drugs and drug targets by detection of the stress response.
    Davis, R.W., Giaever, G. (2004). United States Patent 6,743,583. [USPTO]
  33. Polypeptides from Chlamydia pneumoniae and their use in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease.
    Stephens, R.S., Mitchell, W., Kalman, S.S., Davis, R.W. (2004). US Patent 6,822,071. [USPTO]
  34. Detection of polymorphisms by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography.
    Oefner, P.J. (2002). United States Patent 6,453,244. [USPTO]
  35. Selecting tag nucleic acids.
    Morris, M.S., Shoemaker, D.D., Davis, R.W. Mittmann, M.P. (2002). US Patent 6,458,530. [USPTO]
  36. Recombinant mycobacteria.
    Bloom, B.R., Davis, R.W., Jacobs, Jr., R., Young, R.A., Husson, R.N. (2002). US Patent 6,372,478. [USPTO]
  37. Mismatch repair detection.
    Cox, D., Faham, M., Bahrloo, S. (2001). US Patent 6,406,847. [USPTO]
  38. Method for simultaneous centrifugation of samples.
    Marziali, A., (2001). United States Patent 6,273,848. [USPTO]
  39. Microcentrifuge.
    Marziali A., (2001), United States Patent 6,238,330. [USPTO]
  40. Recombinant mycobacterial vaccine.
    Bloom, B.R., Davis, R.W. Jacobs, Jr., W.R. Young, R.A. Husson, R.N. (2001). US Patent 6,270,776. [USPTO]
  41. Highly parallel and sensitive method for identifying drugs and drug targets.
    Davis, R.W., Giaever, G.N., Shoemaker D., (2000). United States Patent 6,046,002. [USPTO]
  42. Thermocycling apparatus and method.
    Hunicke-Smith S.P., (2000). United States Patent 6,132,996. [USPTO]
  43. Thermocycling apparatus and method.
    Hunicke-Smith S.P., (1999). United States Patent 5,985,651. [USPTO]
  44. Mycobacteriophages and uses thereof.
    Bloom, B.R., Davis; R.W., Jacobs, Jr., W.R., Young, R.A., Husson, R.N. (1999). US Patent 5,968,733. [USPTO]
  45. Cleaved amplified RFLP detection methods.
    Ausubel, F., Davis, R.W., Preuss, D. (1999). US Patent, 6,004,783. [USPTO]
  46. Apparatus and method for shear breakage of polynucleotides.
    Oefner, P.J., Hunicke-Smith S.P. (1998). United States Patent 5,846,832. [USPTO]
  47. Detection of nucleic acid heteroduplex molecules by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography and methods for comparative sequencing.
    Oefner, P.J., Underhill, P.A., (1998). US Patent 5,795,976. Licensed to Transgenomic Inc., Omaha, NE, USA, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA, USA, Qiagen Inc., Bothell, WA, USA, and Varian, Walnut Creek, CA, USA. [USPTO]
  48. Recombinant mycobacteria.
    Bloom, B.R. Jacobs, Jr., W.R. Davis, R.W. Young, R.A. Husson, R.N. (1998). US Patent 5,854,055. [USPTO]
  49. Software to determine optimum temperature for DHPLC given DNA sequence.
    Hansen, N.F., Oefner, P.J. (1997). Stanford University Invention Disclosure S97-175 (Tangible Research Property in conjunction with U.S. Patent 5,795,976).
  50. Nucleic Acid Separation on Alkylated Nonporous Polymer Beads. US Patent 5,585,236. (Licensed to Transgenomic Inc., Omaha, NE, USA).
    Bonn, G., Huber, C., Oefner, P.J. (1996). [USPTO]
  51. Recombinant mycobacterial vaccine.
    Bloom, BR., Davis, RW., Jacobs, Jr., WR., Young, RA., Husson, RN. (1996). US Patent 5,504,005. [USPTO]
  52. Electrophoresis using contour-clamped electric fields.
    Chu, G., Vollrath, D., Davis, R., (1996). US Patent 5,549,796. [USPTO]
  53. Method for detecting a nucleotide at a specific location within a nucleic acid using exonuclease activity.
    Davis, R.W., Myles, A. (1995). US Patent 5,391,480. [USPTO]
  54. Electrophoresis using contour-clamped electric fields.
    Chu, G., Vollrath, D., Davis, RW. (1992). US Patent 5,165,898. [USPTO]
  55. Use of the GAL1 yeast promoter.
    Botstein, D., Davis, RW., Fink, GR., Taunton-Rigby, A., Knowlton, RG., Mao, J., Moir, DT., Goff, CG. (1992). US Patent 5,139,936. [USPTO]
  56. Encoding antigens of M. Leprae.
    Young, RA., Bloom, BR., Davis, RW. (1990). US Patent 4,906,742. [USPTO]
  57. System for efficient isolation of genes using probes.
    Davis, RW., Young, RA. (1988). US Patent 4,788,135. [USPTO]
  58. Rennin-containing disrupted yeast cells used in cheese manufacture.
    Botstein, D., Fink, GR., Davis, RW. (1987). US Patent 4,695,470. [USPTO]
  59. GAL1 yeast promoter linked to non galactokinase gene.
    Botstein, D., Davis, RW., Fink, DR., Taunton-Rigby, A., Knowlton, RG., Mao, J.,Moir, DT., Goff, CG. (1987). US Patent 4,661,454. [USPTO]

Original Articles

  1. Diversity of the Vaginal Microbiome Correlates With Preterm Birth.
    Hyman, RW., Fukushima, M., Jiang, H., Fung, E., Rand, L., Johnson, B., Vo, KC., Caughey, AB., Hilton, JF., Davis, RW, Guidice, LC. Reproductive Sciences 2014, 21:32, published online 28 May 2013. DOI: 10.1177/1933719113488838. [PubMed]
  2. Multiplex target capture with double-stranded DNA probes.
    Shen, P., Wang, W., Chi, AK., Fan, Y., Davis, RW., Scharfe, C. Genome Medicine 2013, 5:50 doi:10.1186/gm454. [PubMed]
  3. Multiplex target capture with double-stranded DNA probesBenchmarking outcomes in the critically injured trauma patient and the effect of implementing standard operating procedures.
    Cuschieri, J., Johnson, J. L., Sperry, J., West, M. A., Moore, E. E., Minei, J. P., Bankey, P. E., Nathens, A. B., Cuenca, A. G., Efron, P. A., Hennessy, L., Xiao, W., Mindrinos, M. N., McDonald-Smith, G. P., Mason, P. H., Billiar, T. R., Schoenfeld, D. A., Warren, H. S., Cobb, J. P., Moldawer, L. L., Davis, R. W., Maier, R. V., Tompkins, R. G., Ann Surg. 2012;255(5):993-9. PMCID: 3327791. [PubMed]
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    Wang, C., Krishnakumar, S., Wilhelmy, J., Babrzadeh, F., Stepanyan, L., Su, L. F. Levinson, D. Fernandez-Vina, M. A. Davis, R. W. Davis, M. M. Mindrinos, M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2012;109(22):8676-81. PMCID: 3365218. [PubMed]
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  10. JETTA: junction and exon toolkits for transcriptome analysis.
    Seok J, Xu W, Gao H, Davis RW, Xiao W. Bioinformatics. 2012;28(9):1274-5. PMCID: 3338022. [PubMed]. JETTA and its demonstrations are freely available at
  11. Multiplex assay for condition-dependent changes in protein-protein interactions.
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  18. The Human OligoGenome Resource: a database of oligonucleotide capture probes for resequencing target regions across the human genome.
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  25. Evidence-based annotation of gene function in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 using genome-wide fitness profiling across 121 conditions.
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  26. Compound Prioritization Methods Increase Rates of Chemical Probe Discovery in Model Organisms.
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