ReMS seminars are organized by Helen Blau, Minx Fuller and Marius Wernig

All seminars at 1pm in Munzer Auditorium unless otherwise noted


October 13

Christopher Contag "Developing tools for high resolution imaging of cell biology in vivo"


October 20     

Valerie Weaver, UCSF "Forcing form and function"


October 27     

Andrew Brack, UCSF "Skeletal muscle stem cells: Regeneration and aging"


November 3


Ravi Majeti "Engineering human AML using stem cells"



Rajat Rohatgi "Is cholesterol a second messenger in hedgehog signaling?"



November 10

Tushar Desai “Mapping and manipulating lung stem cells in vivo”

Mary Teruel “Transcription factor dynamics define a circadian code for fat cell differentiation”


November 17 

Alistair Boettiger "Single molecule approaches to studying cis-regulation in vivo"

Kristy Red Horse "Mobilization of alternative progenitor cells rescues defective coronary development"


December 1 

Aaron Hsueh "Imaging the ovary and hormonal receptors"

Mary Hynes "Widespread differential expression of 3’ UTR and cognate coding region sequences in neurons and other tissues"


December 8

Special guest: Valentina Greco, Associate Professor Stem Cell Center, Yale "Capturing principles of tissue regeneration, repair and cancer by live imaging"


December 15

Andres Matias Lebensohn (Dr. Rajat Rohatgi and Dr. Jan Carette Labs) "A comprehensive genetic analysis of Wnt signaling in haploid human cells"

Alice Ting "Molecular probes for the study of endogenous proteins and RNAs in living cells”



January 12

Kyle Loh, Mapping early human tissue development to precisely guide embryonic stem-cell differentiation

& Stanley Qi, CRISPR activation screen for identifying factors of cell fates


January 19     noon, Clark 360          **NOTE: time and location change**

Special Guest -- Sam Stupp, Northwestern University, Guiding BioRegeneration with Supramolecular Materials


January 26

Isabella Graef, TBA

& Chris Garcia, Engineering Wnt agonists for tissue-specific regenerative applications


February 2

Doug Vollrath, TBA

& Will Talbot, Genetic analysis of myelination zebrafish


February 9         4pm  Clark Auditorium         **NOTE: time and location change**

Baxter Lecture -- David Baltimore, Caltech, Understanding the Regulatory Roles of MicroRNAs


February 16

Aaron Straight, TBA

& Fan Yang, Engineering stem cells for tissue regeneration from "outside-in" and from "inside-out": a Biomaterials-mediated approach


February 23

Tom Rando, TBA

& Joy Wu, Modifying the breast cancer niche in bone


March 9 

Katrin Andreasson, TBA

& Michael Snyder, Know Thyself in a Petri Dish: Analyzing Personal Disease Risk and Disease Using Stem Cells


March 16

Ashby Morrison, Intrinsic Carcinogen Susceptibility is Regulated by Genome Architecture and Dictates Cancer Mutagenesis



March 23

Special Guest -- Margaret Buckingham, Institut Pasteur, TBA


March 30

Nidhi Bhutani "Juvenile Factors to Enhance Stem Cell Growth and Function in Cartilage Regeneration" / Peter Sarnow "MicroRNA - viral RNA interactions in hepatitis C virus-infected cells"

April 6

Marius Wernig

April 13

David Sassoon, Institute of Cardiometabolism & Nutrition, Identification of a stress-responsive vascular progenitor cell resident population in adult tissues

April 20

Phil Beachy

Helen Blau

April 27

Luis Paradam, PhD Director, Brain Tumor Center; Albert C. Foster Chair; American Cancer Society Research Professor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center "The role of cell origin & cancer stem cells in GBM Phenotype"

May 4


May 11

Rosa Bacchetta, MD

Garry Nolan "Pathology from the molecular scale on up"

May 18

Julie Baker

Mike Cuadro

May 25

Lee Rubin, PhD, Dept of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard "Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Uncover New Features of Neurological Disorders"

June 1

Peter Jackson

June 8

Mark Kay & Mike Snyder, "Know Thyself in a Petri Dish: Analyzing Personal Disease Risk and Disease Using Stem Cells"