Adding Wiki Users

Primary Authors are the first point of contact for any other authors of this wiki. The primary author provides and removes access for users of the space (read about the role and responsibilities of Primary Authors).

To add new users to your wiki space:

  • Log in to Workgroup Manager:
  • Find the following workgroup, and click it’s link: med-intranet:WIKISPACE (where WIKISPACE is the name of your wiki that is found in your wiki URL after the word "display" -  
  • For example: The Practice Space wiki can be found here -  It's wiki space is "ps" so the workgroup to add new users would be med-intranet:ps.
  • Add new users by name or SUNet ID under "Members" only
  • It can take a few minutes for the user to be enabled for your wiki
  • New users must log in to the wiki at least once before you can restrict any page to them