Weyand Lab  

The Weyand Lab

We are looking to recruit healthy individuals between the ages of 25 and 85 for a variety of studies. You can contact us for more details.

The Weyand lab aims to advance knowledge of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of chronic inflammation, especially those that apply to tissue-damaging autoimmune disease in the blood vessel and in the joint.  We want to open roads to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that fill unmet needs in how to treat patients over several decades of life without undermining their protective immunity. 

Through fluent cross-talk between basic researchers at the bench and physicians at the clinical frontline, we are building cross-cutting expertise.

Collectively, the research goals of the Weyand lab are to:

The strength and the depth of the research team permit challenge of old assumptions and development of new hypotheses.  Ultimately, we want to make incisive progress in understanding the basic causes of human inflammatory disease.

For more details, see Current Projects.


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