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SURG 340A. Critical Care Clerkship (SUMC)

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Teaches students how to manage critically ill surgical patients. The caseload is drawn from the ICU patients of the general and trauma surgery services at Stanford Hospital. The student works closely with the course director and senior surgery residents to provide care for a service that averages 10 patients in the Stanford E2 ICU. The student gains “hands-on” experience with the following procedures: arterial lines, central lines, pulmonary artery lines (Swan-Ganz catheters), and chest tubes, as well as other procedures appropriate to the student’s technical capabilities. Daily attending rounds help the student to master the following topics: mechanical ventilators, vasoactive drugs (pressors and inotropes), fluid resuscitation, shock, oxygen transport, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, ARDS, multiple organ failure, enteral and parenteral nutrition (TPN), and weaning from the ventilator. The student also participates in the resuscitation and operative management of trauma patients. Students wishing to do this clerkship must get approval from Theresa Kramer at 650-498-5624 first before registering.

Surgery 300A or consent of instructor.

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four or eight weeks, 1 student per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: M114; Time: 7:00 am, Monday.

Units 6 or 12       Drop Code T       Call Code 4

Paul Maggio, M.D., MBA

Other Faculty
David Spain, Susan Brundage, Drew Patterson, Mary-Anne Purtill, Paul Mohabir.

Theresa Kramer (650-498-5624), H-3580.


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