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EMED 308A. Bedside Ultrasound (SUMC)     Open to Visitors
Diagnostic bedside ultrasound (US) has become increasingly utilized and useful in multiple medical specialties, with emergency medicine in the forefront of its use. This rotation is designed to introduce bedside ultrasound to the clinical medical student, and provide more in-depth and hands-on familiarity with bedside US for a variety of modalities. These skills will better equip students to use these techniques right at the bedside of any patient in the emergency room or on the floors with greater facility and confidence. It will enhance patient diagnosis and management, procedural guidance, and patient satisfaction. It may even save a life! Primary emphasis will be on developing competent technical skills to enhance image acquisition and interpretation. The applications as defined by the American College of Emergency Medicine will be the main focus. A goal for a minimum number of ultrasound scans will be 25 per application including, eFAST, thoracic, renal, RUQ, aorta, limited ECHO and IVC, first trimester pelvic, DVT, orbital, MSK. Other advanced ultrasound applications will also be introduced (Testicular, airway, bladder, nerve blocks). Students will obtain US images in the Stanford emergency department and will have all imaging formally reviewed by an US fellowship trained emergency medicine faculty. Images will be obtained during work shifts, when one of the US EM faculty are working in the ED, during when students will scan appropriate patients and review images with the faculty member onsite. They will also have scan shifts, when an US EM faculty will teach/scan with the student in the emergency department, this is a 1:1 session. Students will attend Bedside US didactics offered by an US EM faculty member every Thursday morning, followed by 4 hours of QA review of Ultrasound scans performed in the ED. Students will have access and be expected to participate in online and computer based learning that will be provided for them as well. A multiple choice test will be given at the end of the rotation. This clerkship requires prior approval by Clerkship Director. Please contact Dr. Viveta Lobo at if interested in taking the clerkship.
Prereq: Complete pre-clinical training.
Periods Avail: 3-12 for 2 or 4 weeks. 2 students per period.
Reporting Instructions: Where: TBA; Time: 8:00 am.
Units: 3 or 6     DropCode:     Call Code: 0
Director: Viveta Lobo, M.D.
Other Faculty: L. Gharahbaghian, P. Perera, C. Poffenberger, and S. Williams.
Coord: Maria Alfonso (650-497-6702),

EMED 313A. Emergency Medicine Clerkship (SUMC)   S1   Open to Visitors
Medical students will play an integral role in the delivery of health care to our emergency department patients. They will have the opportunity to evaluate, manage, treat and prevent unexpected illness and injury. Under the direction and supervision of the emergency department attending, they will interview their patients, perform complaint-directed history and physical exams, develop an appropriate differential diagnosis, order diagnostic testing and initiate treatment. Students will read from the acclaimed textbook, An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine (Cambridge University Press, 2005), written specifically for the EM clerkship. In addition, students will receive a course syllabus. All students are expected to attend orientation on the first Monday of the clerkship, complete 14 emergency department shifts performing direct clinical patient care, attend four core curriculum emergency medicine conferences (Wednesday mornings, 8:00A-12 noon), attend four interactive educational workshops (Thursday mornings 8:00A-12 noon; suturing, airway, ultrasound) and complete their reading assignments. Students also have the option of attending the Emergency Medicine journal club held once a month. Please note: Visiting students must obtain approval from the Department prior to applying for this clerkship. Please email requests to Maria Alfonso at along with your CV and a cover letter.
Prereq: Core clerkships in medicine, surgery and pediatrics. Passing score USMLE I (and II if taken) on first attempt.
Periods Avail: 1-12, full-time for four weeks. 8 students per period. No adjustments in date. No adds less than one week prior to start.
Reporting Instructions: Where: 300 Pasteur Dr, Alway M-121 conference room; Time: First day of the clerkship; Contact Maria Alfonso one week prior to clerkship to get reporting time/location.
Units: 6     DropCode:     Call Code: 2; 2 weekends off, some overnight duty
Director: Gregory Gilbert, M.D. at and Nounou Taleghani, M.D., Ph.D. at
Other Faculty: Emergency Dept Faculty.
Coord: Maria Alfonso (650-497-6702),

EMED 313C. Emergency Medicine Clerkship (SCVMC)   S1   Open to Visitors
Students receive extensive exposure to the full range of contemporary emergency medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and act as the primary provider to patients presenting for emergency care. Students are expected to manage all aspects of patient care, including initial patient assessment, procedures, specialty consultation, and disposition. The rotation offers significant opportunity for enhancing procedural skills. Completion of the rotation requires 15 9-hour shifts (7am-4pm; 3pm-12am; 11pm-730am) and attendance at all Stanford EM conferences and medical student lectures.
Prereq: The following core clerkships are REQUIRED for enrollment: surgery, medicine, pediatrics, and ob/gyn. Please contact clerkship director for exceptions prior to adding the course.
Periods Avail: 1-12, full-time for four weeks. 2 students per period. No adjustments in date.
Reporting Instructions: Where: SCVMC (call 1 week prior) [Visitors call Stephanie Pease (408-885-2334) 2 weeks prior. Will need to provide proof of PPD and malpractice insurance.] Time: Clerkship director to coordinate.
Units: 6     DropCode:     Call Code: 2 (weekends as part of regular schedule).
Director: Michael Chin, M.D. (Email:
Other Faculty: Staff
Coord: Stephanie Pease (408) 885-2334, SCVMC.

EMED 313D. Emergency Medicine Clerkship (KPMC)   S1   Open to Visitors
Orientation will occur on the first day of the rotation in the GME office (Dept. 384 MOB, Susan Krause). Please arrive at 0900 on Monday morning (prior to the start time of your first shift) in the GME office for paperwork and photo ID, unless otherwise notified. On occasion, this orientation meeting can be done before the first day if arranged with Susan Krause in the GME office in advance. Faculty will orient medical students to the Emergency Department and to Emergency Department charting. An orientation video and a copy of An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine, Mahadevan/Garmel, 2nd ed., will be provided by the GME office for use during the rotation. Attendance at Wednesday morning residency conferences at LKSC 120 on Stanford campus from 8:00 am to noon is mandatory. There are medical student conferences on Thursday mornings at Stanford (Location TBD), attendance is encouraged (although not all of these sessions, details provided during rotation). A sign-in sheet will be kept at each conference. Reading from the textbook and from journal articles is expected on each patient after your shift and on days off. Students are expected to attend monthly Journal Club dinner with the residency program (details and articles provided). Rotation schedule includes approximately 1/2 days, 1/2 evenings, 1/2 weekends, with all shifts being 12 hours in length or less (approximately 45 clinical hours/week). Each patient seen by a student is presented to an EM attending staff physician, who co-signs the chart and writes all orders and a separate EMR. Students should present each patient upon completing history and physical examination in a timely fashion. EM faculty and EM residents will give students informal lectures on Emergency Medicine topics. Open for visiting students (Stanford and UCSF students get first priority).
Prereq: Surgery 300A, Medicine 300A, Obstetrics & Gynecology 300A and Pediatric 300A, passing score USMLE I (and II if taken) on first attempt. For visiting students, core clerkships must be completed with passing grades in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, and OB/GYN.
Periods Avail: 2-12, full-time for four weeks. 2 students per period. Occasional adjustments in dates.
Reporting Instructions: Where: Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Emergency Department, Santa Clara, CA; Time: TBA. Prior to first shift - report to GME office, Homestead Medical Office Building at 710 Lawrence Expressway, Dept 384.
Units: 6     DropCode:     Call Code: 2
Director: Alice Chao, M.D.
Other Faculty: Staff
Coord: Susan Krause (408-851-3836) 710 Lawrence Expressway, Dept 384, Santa Clara.

EMED 398A. Clinical Elective in Emergency Medicine (SUMC)     Open to Visitors
Provides an opportunity for a student in the clinical years to have an individualized clinical experience in one of the fields of Emergency Medicine. The quality and duration of the elective will be decided by both the student and a faculty preceptor in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Please note: Students cannot add 398A clerkships directly to their fishbowl schedules through the regular shuffles. Please contact Caroline Cheang in the Office of Student Services at or 650-498-7619 with the faculty preceptor’s name and email address to add this clerkship.
Prereq: Core clerkships in medicine, surgery and pediatrics. Passing score USMLE I (and II if taken) on first attempt.
Periods Avail: 1-12.
Reporting Instructions: Where: TBA (designated faculty preceptor); Time: TBA
Units: 1     DropCode:     Call Code: 0
Director: Nounou Taleghani, M.D., Ph.D. at
Other Faculty: Emergency Medicine Dept Faculty.
Coord: Maria Alfonso (650-497-6702),

* "S1"=Selective Clerkship Category I (Basics in Clinical Care)
"S2"=Selective Clerkship Category II (Subinternship)


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