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Albion Walter Hewlett Award

Developed by the Department of Medicine, the Albion Walter Hewlett Award was designed as a recurring award to honor an exceptional physician with ties to Stanford.

It is a tribute to Doctor Albion Walter Hewlett, professor and executive head of the Department of Medicine from 1916 -1925. Known as a physician of rare compassion and extraordinary skills, Hewlett was recognized for his outstanding contributions to patient care and medical science throughout the world.

The Artist

Dr. Kenneth L. Melmon (chairman of the Department of Medicine 1978-1984) appointed Agnese Udinotti to create the actual award. Together, they designed the award into a sculpture that portrays man - his isolation intensified by disease - and the evolution of his integration with society through the intervention of the physician. Udinotti has received numerous awards throughout the United States and Europe.

Award Presentation

The award is presented in concert with a major event in the Department of Medicine, at which time the recipient is invited to lecture. Honored physicians receive parchment seal depicting several figures from the Udinotti sculpture and a silver medallion made from the seal, both the work of the artist. The award holder has the opportunity to select books or journals for the Hewlett Library in an amount to be determined each year. Each book will bear a bookplate with a picture of the award, the recipient's name and the date when the award was presented.

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Photo by Norbert von der Groeben

Sharon Hunt, MD, Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine 2013 Hewlett Award Recipient

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