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Employee of the Month

Celebrate the Contributions of Department of Medicine Staff

Each and every day hard working staff members fuel the scientific advances of faculty and support the Department's three fold mission to provide excellent clinical care, innovative research and quality education for the next generation of physicians.

Each month one Department of Medicine will honor a staff member who contributes to our mission through their exceptional dedication, initiative, motivation, positive attitude, customer service and passion about their work.

Employee of the Month winners will receive an IPad and cash award. The monthly winner will be featured on the Department of Medicine website.

Eligibility Criteria
The nominee must have outstanding performance and demonstrate consistent dedication, initiative, motivation, positive attitude, and customer service to those they support and with whom they interact. All nominees must be active regular staff employees, at 50% FTE or more, and employed in the Department of Medicine for the past year.

Not Eligible for Employee of the Month
DFA, Division Managers, Operations Leadership, Faculty, Contingent employees, Selection Committee members and previous Employees of the Month winners.

Nomination Process
Any faculty, staff, student, fellow and post doc working at the Department of Medicine may

2014 Employee of the Month Committee nominate eligible staff members (see eligibility criteria on the nomination form). All nominations must be electronic; use the online form to forward nominations to the Selection Committee, who will review the nominations.

All ballots must be received by the 15th of every month. Late ballots will be reviewed the following month.

To access the form go to: Employee of the Month Nominations

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Meet the Employees of the Month

Meet the Employees of the Month

Feb. 2015's Employee of the Month Committee