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Disease-Oriented Research

Research programs related to human disease that links a molecular or cellular feature with a risk for disease or response to treatment or that develops diagnostic procedures for such markers. Many studies are conducted in collaboration with other departments, The School of Medicine, The University, and other institutions all over the world. The following describes some of the ongoing disease research within the divisions of the Department of Medicine.

Cancer: Targeting the Molecules

Experimental and theoretical work will be absolutely critical for the design of cancer drugs in the future. New methods such as the use of electron crystallography will eventually be able to solve structures using theory and experiment at a rate that can target every molecule in the Human genome.

Cardiovascular Disease

Progress in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease will require the integration of basic and clinical research with the application of new genetic information. Our current research is directed into two specific areas:

  1. To use protein engineering to modify blood clotting factors to produce a clinically favorable therapeutic effect.
  2. To utilize genomics and proteomics in a detailed study of both maternal and fetal vascular tissues in human placenta.

Hematopoietic Cell Biology and Transplantation

Specific research programs in this area include the use of highly purified stem cells which are capable of crossing immunological barriers to treat autoimmune diseases, to improve transplant outcomes, and to limit graft-vs.-host disease.

Molecular, Genetic and Pathophysiologic Bases of Disease

This research seeks to gain an understanding of normal human physiology and the molecular and cellular mechanisms that go awry to cause disease. The goal of this research is to create pharmaceutical and genetic therapies that will replace molecular and cellular defects without harming the healthy organism.

For more information about additional disease oriented research programs please check out the individual divisions within the Department of Medicine.

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