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A comprehensive and multi-tiered mentorship program underscores the Stanford IM Residency program's commitment to individualized career development.

Upon entering the residency program, each intern is matched to a Core Faculty mentorship team, consisting of one senior and one junior faculty advisor. The core mentorship team meets with their group of housestaff on a quarterly basis to provide guidance for career development. In addition to facilitating networking within Stanford’s rich academic environment, the core mentorship team will also provide overall guidance for the resident’s professional development throughout residency. These mentorship groups also provide opportunities for peer-to-peer mentorship, in which more senior residents can advise more junior residents with insights and practical advice that complements the faculty mentorship program. Furthermore, every resident receives close one-on-one mentorship from the program director and associate program directors during training through frequent individual meetings focusing on ensuring that trainees are meeting personal and professional goals.

Stanford Society of Physician Scholars

Stanford residents also have the opportunity to join the Stanford Society of Physician Scholars. This unique program run by Stanford Medical School meets throughout the year, and focuses on career development, matching housestaff, medical students, and faculty. Residents benefit from the mentorship of medical school faculty while simultaneously serving as mentors for Stanford medical students.

Pathways of Distinction (PODs)

This unique and innovative program is designed to provide all residents in our Categorical Program with individualized areas of expertise and distinction. Upon entering the program, interns will have the opportunity to select a Pathway of Distinction (POD) which aligns with their clinical/scholarly interests. Each POD is directed by faculty members nationally recognized for their expertise in their fields of distinction. A resident within a specific POD will have unique professional development opportunities and receive additional targeted mentorship from POD directors.

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