Student Life

As members of the Stanford student community, MLA students enjoy access to University libraries, athletic facilities, and student discounts with their Stanford ID card.

Stanford BookstoreStudents receive a 7% discount on textbooks at the Stanford Bookstore.
GolferStudents enjoy full use of Stanford’s extensive athletic facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, the golf course, and more.
Meyer LibraryStudents have full access to Stanford’s vast library resources and collections.
A dancerEvery student can take advantage of opportunities to explore and participate in a variety of cultural experiences on and around campus.


Students find the Stanford campus welcoming and convenient.

Tressider Memorial UnionTresidder Memorial Union is a center of activity on the campus. You’ll find dining and banking options, a ticket office, and the Student Services Center.
Computer clusterComputer clusters are available across campus, and most classrooms and study areas have wireless access.
ParkingConvenient and free parking on campus after 4pm.
CommencementAs part of a degree-granting program at Stanford University, graduating MLA students take part in the annual Commencement activities.

Learn more about additional resources for arts and culture, athletics, public service,  public transportation, and campus safety at the Life on Campus site. Find out more about events on campus at the Stanford Events site.


Photos courtesy of Linda A.Cicero/Stanford News Service