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Get the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview!
Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview spans architecture, code, test and deploy, adding support for Windows 8 Metro style applications built with HTML 5, JavaScript, C#, VB and C++.
Get the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview!



Windows development is the process of writing software that will run on standard computers including your desktop, laptop, or general purpose computer. Windows applications can take full advantage of a computer's power.

Metro style apps
Desktop apps


Web development is the process of writing a web page or site. Web pages are written with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These pages can be simple text and graphics that resemble a document, or can be interactive. Interactive server pages are a little more complex to write, but they enable richer web sites.

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ASP.NET Web Forms


Cloud computing refers to computers and applications that run remotely and are accessed over the Internet. Aggregating the computing needs of many users achieves economies of scale that result in numerous benefits.

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Windows Phone

Windows Phone development is similar to Windows development, but with a different device at its core. To simplify development, many developers initially run, debug, and test their applications in an emulator on their desktop machine.

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Windows Phone Development QuickStarts
Development for Absolute Beginners
Windows Phone 'Mango' Training Course


Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated environment that helps simplify the entire development process from design to deployment. Target a growing number of platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint and cloud applications that accelerate the coding process and allow you to use your existing skills. Developers and testers can also work more efficiently, thanks to integrated testing and debugging tools.

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools that teams can use to ensure quality results, from design to deployment. Whether you're creating new solutions or enhancing existing applications, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate lets you bring your vision to life targeting an increasing number of platforms and technologies, including cloud and parallel computing.

Visual Studio: Application Lifecycle Development
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Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 is the collaboration platform at the core of the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution. It helps teams streamline interactions, and eliminate waste in the software delivery process.

Team Foundation Server 2010
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Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is a simplified, self-service development tool that enables you to build business applications quickly and easily. With LightSwitch, you can be up and running in minutes with timesaving templates, and intuitive tools that reduce the complexity of everything from UI design to publishing to the desktop or cloud.

Visual Studio LightSwitch
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WebMatrix is a free web development tool that includes everything you need for website development. Start from open source web applications, built-in web templates, or just start writing code yourself. It's all-inclusive, simple, and free.

WebMatrix Development

Microsoft Expression Studio is a suite of UX design and development tools for creating rich, modern, interactive user experiences across web, desktop, and Windows Phone. Integration with Visual Studio boosts team productivity, enabling you to focus on delivering results.

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