Index of Journal Articles, Volume 4

Since 1971, The Stanford Museum, subsequently named The Stanford University Museum of Art Journal and now the Cantor Art Center Journal, has served as a vehicle for the focused study of the permanent collection. In addition to the articles citied below, each volume contains a partially illustrated list of acquisitions made during the preceding year or years.

Volume 4, 2004–2005

Wissman, Fronia E., "'Mon Cher Ami': Corot’s Portrait of Abel Osmond," 7–13.

Lindsay, Suzanne Glover, "A Modern Mephistopheles by Emile Hébert," 15–25.

Jordan, Lacey, "Rodin Reading by John Singer Sargent," 27–31.

Clark, Jonathan, "Frederick Sommer’s 'Elective Affinities'," 33–43.

Sumida, Sally, "Household Appliances: Two Assemblages by Willie Cole," 45–55.

Fryberger, Betsy and Andrei Pop, "The Artist Observed: Exhibition and Response," 57–63.