Index of Journal Articles, Volume 3

Since 1971, The Stanford Museum, subsequently named The Stanford University Museum of Art Journal, and now the Cantor Art Center Journal, has served as a vehicle for the focused study of the permanent collection. In addition to the articles citied below, this volume contains a partially illustrated list of acquisitions made during the preceding year.

Volume 3, 2002–2003

Albertson, Fred, "Two Limestone Statues from Roman Egypt," 7–15.

Bradshaw, Marilyn and Barbara Bays, "The Circle of Bonafacio Bembo and The Adoration of the Holy Child Triptych," 17–25.

Eagleston, Alisa, "The Virgin, Child, and St. John: Resolving the Contested Attribution of a Renaissance Panel thorough Information Obtained during the Conservation Process," 27–37.

Hale, Meredith M., "Political Prints by Romeyn de Hooghe," 39–47.

Olsen, Victoria, "Cameron and Tennyson, Photography and Poetry," 49–57.

Snow, Hilary K., "Kikochika's Women of Three Cities, Santo Bijin," 59–63.

Price, Aimée Brown, "Pierre Puvis de Chavanne's Young Boy with Flower: A Study for the Sacred Wood Dear to the Arts and to the Muses," 65–71.

Roberts, Mary Nooter, "Locating History in a Labyrinth of Memory," 73–81.

Thyssen, Esther Tornai, "Bolton Landing Forever: An Important Watercolor by Dorothy Dehner," 83–88.

Baker, Kenneth, "Burtysnky’s Shipbreaking #11, Chittagong, Bangladesh, " 89–90.

Butler, Ruth, "Albert Elsen, The Gates of Hell, and Twentieth-Century Rodin Scholarship," 94–99.

Jamison, Rosalyn Frankel, "Rodin, Victor Hugo, and The Gates of Hell, " 99–111.

Mitchell, Claudine, "Metaphore and Metamorphosis: Rodin in the Circle of Mallarmé," 111–127.

Hargrove, James, "Contextualized Vision: Rodin and the Influence of the Past," 129–140.

Bernier, Ronald R., "Les Cathedrales de France: Rodin, Ruskin, and the Gothic," 141–150.

Price, Aimée Brown, "Rodin and Pierre Puvis de Chavanne," 150–161.

Becker, Jane R., "The Space/Form Continuum: Rodin, Rosso, and Carriére," 162–171.

Bellow, Juliet, "Reforming the Dance: Auguste Rodin's Nijinsky and Vaslave Nijinski's L’Aprés-Midi d’un Faune," 172–185.

Sawicki, Nicholas, "Rodin and the Prague Exhibition of 1902: Promoting Modernism and Advancing Reputations," 185–197.

Paret, Paul, "Rodin at the Bauhaus," 197–204.

Somma, Thomas P., "Rodin's 'American Connection': Truman How Bartlett (1835–1922) and Paul Wayland Bartlett (1865–1925)," 204–210.

Fort, Susan Ilene, "Rodin and the Coming of Age of American Art Criticism," 211–218.

Tahinci, Anna, "Private Passions, Public Pursuance: Rodin and His American Collectors," 219–225.

Listopad, John, "Four Thankas," 227–228.

Sun, Shirley, "The Eloesser Collection of Twentieth-Century Chinese Prints," 228–234.