Index of Journal Articles, Volumes 1–2

Since 1971, The Stanford Museum, subsequently named The Stanford University Museum of Art Journal and now the Cantor Art Center Journal, has served as a vehicle for the focused study of the permanent collection. In addition to the articles citied below, each volume contains a partially illustrated list of acquisitions made during the preceding year or years.

Beginning with the 1998–99 volume, the name of the journal has been changed to reflect the museum's new name: Cantor Arts Center Journal.

Volume 1, 1998–1999

Hunt, Patrick, "Tripolemos and Beyond in the Stanford Kleophon Krater," 3–8.

Lemoine, Annick, "Nicholas Régnier's Saint Sebastian Attended by the Holy Women," 9–19.

Becker, David P. "Rodolphe Bresdin as Book Illustrator," 20–32.

Audeh, Aida, "Rodin's Gates of Hell and Aubé's Monument to Dante: Romantic Tribute to the Image of the Poet in Nineteenth-Century France," 33–46.

Feldman, Jerome A., "The Call of the Dead: Gibbons in the Art of Mentawai, Indonesia," 47–54.

Jordán, Manuel, "Sachihongo: Features of Mbunda Experience," 55–63.

Rankaitas, Susan, "Black Planes #2," 64–67.

Fryberger, Betsy G., "Rembrandt's Etching, The Star Singers," 69–71.

Vargas, Marsha L., "The Bakalar Netsuke Collection," 71–76.

Volume 2, 2000–2001

Hu, Philip K., "The Paradise Landscape of Yanghuo: A Monumental Painting by Mi Wanzhong,” 6–21.

Farwell, Beatrice, "A Triple Life: Drawings by Henry Monnier," 22–31.

Black, Claire Christian, "Edward Steichen’s Rodin-Le Penseur: The Rhetoric of a Photograph," 32–47.

Corn, Wanda M., "A Note on Grant Wood’s July Fifteenth," 48–50.

Stansky, Peter, "Photographs by Bill Brandt," 51–57.

Carrier, David, "Five Sculptures by Arnoldo Pomodoro," 58–63.

Goldsworthy, Andy, "Stone River Diary," 64–77.

Fryberger, Betsy G., "A Major Gift of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Northern European Prints," 78–83.

Jordán Pérez, Manuel A., "Body Ornaments from Southwestern Africa," 84–85.