Index of Journal Articles, Volumes 22–27

Since 1971, The Stanford Museum, subsequently named The Stanford University Museum of Art Journal and now the Cantor Art Center Journal, has served as a vehicle for the focused study of the permanent collection. In addition to the articles citied below, each volume contains a partially illustrated list of acquisitions made during the preceding year or years.

Volumes XXII–XXIII, 1992–1993

Erickson, Britta, "Ren Xiong's Final Dated Work, Mending the Official Robe," 7–13.

Osborne, Carol M., "William Trost Richards in England," 14–23.

Faberman, Hilaire, "The Archive of the Limestone Press," 25–29.

Volumes XXIV–XXV, 1994–1995

Pal, Pratapaditya, "A Bengal Vishnu in the Stanford University Museum of Art," 2–11.

Strazdes, Diana, “The Visual Rhetoric of the Leland Stanford Mansion in Sacramento," 12–24.

Prodger, Phillip, "The Secret Passion of Henrich Kuehn's Frau Ingenieur Richter," 25–32.

Fryberger, Betsy, "In Memorium: Albert E. Elsen, 1927–1995," 37–38.

Prodger, Phillip, "The Folberg Collection at Stanford," 39–47.

Volumes XXVI–XXVII, 1996–1997

Andersson, Christiane, "A Rare Early Woodcut by the Master DS: Christ Crucified between March and Saint John," 2–9.

Sutton, Peter C., "Claes Cornelisz Moeyaret's Sacrifice of Jeroboam," 10–19.

Levine, Sura, "Contantine Meunier and the Antwerp Port Workers," 20–31.

Donadio, Emmie, "The Stanford Urchin: A 'Miracle in the Scrapheap' by Richard Stankiewicz," 32–39.

Witkin, Joel-Peter, "How Poet Came to be Made," 40–43.

Maveety, Patrick J. J., "The Brown Bequest, A Gift of Netsuke," 46–52.

Seligman, Thomas K., "The Franklin Collection {Africa and Oceania]," 53–56.

Morgan, Kerry, "Beyond Frogs and Clay: Works on Paper by David Gilhooly," 57–62.