Index of Journal Articles, Volume 7

Since 1971, The Stanford Museum, subsequently named The Stanford University Museum of Art Journal and now the Cantor Art Center Journal, has served as a vehicle for the focused study of the permanent collection. Volume 7 is the last issue of the Journal.

Volume 7, 2010–2011

Smith, Tyler Jo, "What Is This Nonsense? Komos and Symposion on a Tyrrhenian Amphora," 5–17.

Liedtke, Walter, "Dirck van Delen's Solomon Receiving the Queen of Sheba of 1642," 19–29.

Weitzman, Steven, "Receiving the Queen of Sheba," 31–41.

Bell, Evelyne, "Two Portraits by Henry Walton," 43 –49.

Albinson, Cassandra, "Debt and Drawing: Thomas Lawrence's Family Portraits," 51–63.

Rutherford, Emma, "A Frenchman in New York: Augustin Edouart in America, 1839–1849," 65–75.

Clarke, Jay A.,, "Cornelia Paczka-Wagner: Representing the Symbolic Self," 77–91.

Von Lintig, Bettina, "Chance Encounter: Kwayep of Bamana,
F. C. C. Egerton, King N'jiké II, and Women of Banganté," 93–109.

Ho, Christine I., "Role Playing: A Marriage Album," 111–129.

Bortolot, Alexander, "Realism as Rebellion: Nampyopyo Kulombanungu and the Mimetic Turn in Makonde Mask Sculpture and Performance, circa 1950," 131–141.

Stone, Lisa, "Roger Brown: Natural Wonders," 143–155.

Daponte, Amy, "Situating the Photography of Laura Volkerding: Agency, Introspection, and the Panoramic Seam," 157–169.