Index of Journal Articles, Volumes 1–21

Since 1971, The Stanford Museum, subsequently named The Stanford University Museum of Art Journal and now the Cantor Art Center Journal, has served as a vehicle for the focused study of the permanent collection. In addition to the articles citied below, each volume contains a partially illustrated list of acquisitions made during the preceding year or years.

Volume I, 1971

Schiff, Gert, "Warwick Swearing on the Corpse of Gloucester: A Recently Acquired Fuseli Drawing," 2–5.

Raubitschek, Isabelle K., "Five Ancient Coins," 6–8.

Miller, Dwight, "An Education of the Virgin," 9–12.

La Plant, John D., "A Gandara Head: Ratnapani, Ratnaprabha, or Ratnachandra?," 13–16.

Volume II, 1973

Eitner, Lorenz, "Géricault's Black Standard Bearer," pp 2–9.

Hillier, Jack, "Hokusai: Enlarging the Inner Circle," 10–16.

Blanchard, Jeff, "Rowlandson's None by the Brave Deserve the Fair," 17–20.

Volume III, 1974

Keyes, Roger S., "The Van Reed Surimono Album," 2–12.

Volumes IV–V, 1975

Eitner, Lorenz, "A Rediscovered Painting by Géricault at Stanford," 2–11.

Halbout, Monique and Pierre Rosenberg, "A propos de Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre," 12–19.

Volumes VI–VII, 1976–1977

Eitner, Lorenz, "A Sheet of Studies by Delacroix," 2–9.

Eddy, Linda R., "Achilles Contending with the Rivers: Flaxman Translates Homer," 10–17.

Nicholson, Benedict, "A Wright of Derby Portrait for the Stanford Museum," 18–21.

Volumes VIII–IX, 1978–1979

Eitner, Lorenz, "On a Portrait by Lawrence in the Stanford Museum," 1–8.

Ackerman, Gerald M., "Gérôme's Pifferari," 9–13.

Mozley, Anita V., "De Kooning and His Studio Photographed by Harry Bowden," 14–21.

Volumes X–XI, 1980–1981

Osborne, Carol M., "Stanford Family Portraits by Bonnat, Carolus-Duran, Meissonier, and Other French Artists of the 1880s," 2–12.

Miller, Dwight, "Palma Giovane's Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness from the Collection of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm," 13–19.

Sheehan, Carol, "Haida Argillite Sculpture at the Stanford Museum," 20–27.

Paterno-Castello, Maria Antonia, "A Recently Acquired Centuripe Vase," 28–33.

Volumes XII–XIII, 1982–1983

Paradise, JoAnne Culler, "Three Letters from Claude Monet to Gustave Geffroy," 2–12.

Newhouse, Gloria Rexford, "A Newly Identified Drawing by Jacques-Louis David," 13–20.

Volumes XIV–XV, 1984–1985

Lee, Janet, "Painting as Divination: A Still Life by André Derain," 2–8.

Turner, Paul V., "Frank Lloyd Wright's Drawings for the Victoria Schuck House," 9–11.

Waller, Franz, "The Photographer Jakob Lorent and the Ruins of Athens," 12–18.

Volumes XVI–XVII, 1986–1987

Miller, Dwight, "A Preparatory Study for Poussin's Nurture of Jupiter at Dulwich," 2–7.

Cateforis, David, "Joseph and Potiphar's Wife in a Drawing by Prud'hon," 8–13.

Guffey, Elizabeth, "Manet, the Double Bass Player, and the Art of Realism," 14–18.

Volumes XVIII–XIX, 1988–1989

Eitner, Lorenz, "Collecting for Stanford," 3–8.

Osborne, Carol M., "The Leventritt Collection," 9–13.

Zimmerman, Linda, "A Rare Collection of Richard Parkes Bonington's Lithographs," 14–18.

Fryberger, Betsy G., " The Torbet Bequest," 19–22.

Mozley, Anita V., "The Photography Collection," 22–24.

Volumes XX–XXI, 1990–1991

Cateforis, David, "Re: Working/Reworking: Notes on the Prints of Johns, Rauschenberg, and Lichtenstein," 5–11.

Hankins, Evelyn, "Monotypes in the Anderson Print Collection," 12–13.

Mozley, Anita V. and Albert E. Elsen, "Photographs by Leo Holub of Artists in the Anderson Collection," 14–15.