Wealth, health, what's new: SR's most popular stories of the year

Money, health, campus life and groundbreaking research top the 2010 list of subjects  the more than 17,000 subscribers to Stanford Report care about.  Not surprisingly, a story on salary issues heads the list. After that, however, readers' choices suggest an eclectic range of interests, from what may help them in their daily lives to intriguing work around campus.

Below are the top 25 stories – based on reader clicks – from Stanford Report in 2010.

1. Peck discusses salary program for FY11

In this question-and-answer article from April 15, Diane Peck, outgoing vice president for human resources, discusses Stanford’s performance-based salary program for fiscal year 2011.

2. Need a study break to refresh? Maybe not, researchers say

This Oct. 14 story by staff writer Adam Gorlick explains a study from Stanford psychologists that suggests the urge to refresh is – well – all in your head. The findings challenge the long-held theory that willpower is a limited resource that needs to be replenished.

3. Stanford's freshman roommate matching secrets revealed

News Service intern Sam Julian wondered how Stanford assigns freshman roommates. So, at the beginning of the school year, he asked the two student coordinators who spent the summer matching incoming students. Turns out Stanford Report readers were curious, too.

4. Let's talk about sex: A scholar ahead of her time

The March/April edition of Stanford magazine told the fascinating story of Stanford professor Clelia Mosher, whose survey of Victorian-era women and their bedroom behavior was way before its time.

5. GSB mourns the passing of MBA student Roanak Desai

In early April, the Graduate School of Business mourned the death of MBA student Roanak Desai, who was well known throughout the school. He died after spring break travel in Africa.

6. Stanford students' new electric car breaks the mold, not the bank

This June article by News Service science-writing intern Gwyneth Dickey invited readers to meet the Weng, an open-air electric vehicle created by Stanford graduate students. It could be seen motoring around campus.

7. A provost's pride: Etchemendy writes about demonstration

In January, demonstrators from the Westboro Baptist Church brought their message of discrimination and hate to campus. In this opinion piece, Provost John Etchemendy, who attended the counter-rally, talked about his pride in the Stanford community, its response to the demonstrators and its commitment to diversity.

8. Stanford weathers one storm and prepares for the next

Everyone loves a weather story. Rain drenched the campus in January. In this article, campus officials talked about responding to one downpour while preparing for another. With rainy weather around the corner, the advice is still useful a year later: Don’t park under large trees.

9. Seasonal flu shots will be free for faculty, staff, students and retirees

In this article from September, the Environmental Health and Safety department  and Vaden Health Center combine to offer free seasonal flu shots for faculty, staff, students, retirees and many of their dependents.

10. Dalai Lama offers message of mutual respect, compassion

During his October visit, the Dalai Lama stressed a secular approach to compassion and talked about his fascination with the intricate distinctions between mind and body that led him to be a founding benefactor for the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education.

Other stories that rounded out the top 25 for the year:

11. Memorial Service Thursday for longtime staffer Pat Burke, July 21

12. The kids really are all right: Ask the U.S. Census, Aug. 30

13. Outage caused by plane crash disrupts medical center, Feb. 18

14. Attention to body language can combat gender stereotypes, Nov. 17

15. Friends and family mourn Yichao Wang, who died Friday, Feb. 22

16. How do we deal with discrimination based on looks? Sept. 16

17. Olmsted Terrace prepares for first faculty residents in August, July 7

18. Initial results suggest Thursday’s earthquake drill a success, Oct. 8

19. Dalai Lama to make third visit to Stanford, Jan. 25

20. Li Ka-shing talks of Stanford's 'special place' in his heart, Sept. 30

21. New wave of 'phishing' attacks snags unwary web users, July 20

22. Debate: Should California legalize marijuana? Oct. 7

23. 'Well Time' offers another BeWell participation incentive, Dec. 6

24. Stanford lands NIH research grants for creative scientists, Sept. 30

25. Trustees welcome four new members; bid farewell to six, July 12