Centennial Teaching Assistant Award recipients named

Thirty-eight teaching assistants in a wide range of disciplines have been honored with Centennial Teaching Assistant Awards. The awards program recognizes and rewards outstanding instruction by teaching assistants in the schools of Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences and Engineering.

The program was initiated 22 years ago by psychology Professor Ewart Thomas, who created it during his years as dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences to acknowledge and celebrate the important role that teaching assistants play at Stanford. Each recipient is awarded a certificate and $500 prize.

This year's winners follow:

School of Humanities and Sciences

Anthropology: Nina Hazelton, Claudia Liuzza

Biology: Laura Bronsart, Kelli Davies

Communication: Ethan Plaut

Drama: Michael St. Clair

East Asian Languages and Cultures: Kevin Singleton, Adrian Thieret

Economics: Xiaochen Fan, Charles Wang, Laurence Wong

English: Lindsey Dolich, Allen Frost, Long Le-Khac

French and Italian: Deb Tennen

History: Bradford Bouley

Human Biology: Sophie Lambert, Heather Roberts

Iberian and Latin American Cultures: Francisca Gonzalez Flores, Todd Mack

Linguistics: Uriel Cohen-Priva

Mathematics: Henry Adams, David Sher, Anca Vacarescu

Religious Studies: Rafal Felbur

Statistics: Gourab Mukherjee

School of Earth Sciences

Earth Systems Program: Chris Fedor

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources: Austin Becker

Energy Resources Engineering: Mohammed Alaskar

Environmental Earth System Science: Chris Skinner

Geological and Environmental Sciences: Eitan Shelef

Geophysics: Jessica Reeves

School of Engineering

Bioengineering: Wei Huang

Chemical Engineering: Anders Berliner

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Sara Marks

Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering: Mary Cameron

Management Science and Engineering: Lauren Cipriano

Mechanical Engineering: Ramsharan Rangarajan