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June 18, 2007


Kate Chesley, University Communications: (650) 725-3697,

Stanford allows Stanford Band to return to performing at athletic, campus and community events; indefinite provisional status lifted

Greg Boardman, vice provost for student affairs, has lifted the indefinite provisional status of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, allowing the group to once again perform at athletic, campus and community events.

Boardman's decision, announced on Thursday during a meeting with members of the Stanford Band leadership, follows a yearlong university review of the Band's activities.

The Stanford Band, a "scatter" band known for irreverent, humorous and unorthodox performances, was suspended on July 18, 2006, following discovery of extensive vandalism to the group's leased modular rehearsal space, called the "Band Shak."

In September, Boardman changed the suspension to an indefinite provisional status based on the Band Shak vandalism and nine additional incidents of misconduct since 2003. Boardman appointed a Band Reinstatement Committee to pave the way for fundamental changes in Band organization and in its relationship to the university. He also appointed Associate Dean of Students Chris Griffith as interim director to oversee the Band's limited approved activities.

Although reinstatement of the Band's privileges is immediate, Griffith will continue working with Band leadership to strengthen the Band as a student-run organization and begin discussions about such topics as guidelines for field shows and the role of the Tree as mascot. As part of its recommendations, the Band Reinstatement Committee proposed the establishment of a permanent administrative director, reporting to the Dean of Students Office, to provide support to the Band and be an adviser and liaison.

During the past year, the Band was allowed to perform at the university's discretion and was prohibited from traveling out of the immediate area with Stanford athletic teams. In particular, the Band did not perform during halftime of Stanford football games and had only a limited role at other athletic and campus events.

Boardman praised the Band's compliance with the university's conditions for reinstatement, including reimbursement for damage to the rehearsal space, and for what he called its "recent record of good behavior."

Noting its "history, tradition and personality" and its "unique role in university and student life," Boardman said he looked "forward to enjoying the creativity and witty humor that have characterized the Band and many of its performances in the past."

Said Adam Cohen, Stanford Band manager, "We're obviously pretty excited about finishing off this whole ordeal. Now that we're back on solid footing, we're free to refocus our efforts on music and comedy, which hopefully means we'll put on some hilarious and also pleasant-sounding halftime shows next year."


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