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News Release

August 21, 2007


Sharan L. Daniel, Center for International Security and Cooperation: (650) 725-6488,

Nancy Gonzalez, Center for International Security and Cooperation: (650) 724-8055,


Stephen Flynn, the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, will give a talk titled "Rebuilding Homeland Security" at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, at the Sheraton Palo Alto (625 El Camino Real). The audience for this private talk will be a forum of 25 private-sector leaders, senior government officials and scholars.

Flynn's speech is the keynote address for the two-day homeland security forum held by the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University.

Media are invited to cover the keynote address, but must register in advance with Sharan Daniel, CISAC's public affairs manager, at or (650) 725-6488, or with Nancy Gonzalez, CISAC's external affairs coordinator, at or (650) 724-8055.

The event is not open to the public.

Flynn, a consulting professor at CISAC, is the author of The Edge of Disaster: Rebuilding a Resilient Nation (Council on Foreign Relations and Random House, 2007). He also is the principal for Stephen E. Flynn Associates, where he provides independent advisory services on maritime security, transportation security and container security.

In The Edge of Disaster, Flynn recommends attending to aging U.S. infrastructure, such as the Sacramento River Delta levee system, to lessen the danger posed by natural disasters as well as deliberate attacks.

A frequent media commentator on homeland security issues, Flynn appeared on a CNN special report after the I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis. In an Aug. 8 Boston Globe opinion piece, he wrote, "In the wake of this latest tragedy, Americans must demand three things from elected officials": a report card on infrastructure within officials' jurisdiction; a national study of the report cards to produce a prioritized infrastructure repair list; and a federal Resiliency Fund to clear the nationwide repair list in 10 years.


Editor Note:

Reporters are welcome to cover this event; please e-mail Sharan Daniel or Nancy Gonzalez in advance.

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