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News Release

January 13, 2010


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Stanford earthquake experts available to discuss temblor in Haiti with news media.

Media advisory, not for publication.

Stanford University researchers study earthquakes, how they damage structures, and how buildings can be designed to resist the violent shaking seen in the Haitian tragedy. Journalists may contact the researchers listed here:

Gregory G. Deierlein
Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor
Expert in how earthquakes affect buildings.
Work phone: (650) 723-0453, (650) 723-4150">

Mark D. Zoback">
Professor of Earth Science and Geophysics
Stanford, CA 94305-2215
(650) 468-3871

Anne Kiremidjian
(650) 723-4164
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expert on buildings in earthquake zones.

Beroza, Greg
Professor and chair of Geophysics Department
Beroza develops and applies techniques for analyzing seismograms - recordings of seismic waves - in order to understand how earthquakes work and the hazard they pose to engineered structures.
(650) 723-4746">

Krawinkler, Helmut
Professor emeritus of civil engineering
Krawinkler's expertise is performance-based earthquake engineering, and his work involves steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and wood buildings.
(650) 723-4129">

Segall, Paul
Professor of geophysics
Segall develops and tests models of active plate boundaries such as the San Andreas Fault, and the nucleation of earthquakes. Main areas of research are crustal deformation, active faulting and volcanism.
(650) 725-7241">


Editor Note:

Video of Anne Kiremidjian, professor of civil engineering, explaining why so many buildings collapsed in the Haitian earthquake:

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