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Premier administrative session replaces Jan. 12 senate meeting

STANFORD -- Faculty Senate members are off the hook on Jan. 12.

The senate meeting scheduled for that date is being replaced by the first-ever administrative session of the senate Steering Committee.

The senate in October created the new procedure as a way of streamlining business and preserving time for discussion of important academic issues. It allows the seven-member Steering Committee to hold special sessions to consider routine, non- controversial agenda items.

On its first administrative session agenda, the Steering Committee will be asked to grant degrees to students who completed requirements fall quarter. It also is scheduled to accept annual reports from the Committee on Academic Appraisal and Achievement, the Committee on Undergraduate Studies, the Committee on Graduate Studies and the Committee on Research.

The committees on Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies will submit recommendations for one-year degree-granting extensions for the programs in International Policy and International Relations, the authorizations for which expire in September 1996. The programs are scheduled for review this year. Meanwhile, the office of the dean of Humanities and Sciences has asked the codirectors to consider significant program expansion. The extension will allow wide-ranging reviews of the programs and their proposed expansion, according to the committees.

The Committee on Undergraduate Studies also will seek a one-year extension for the interdisciplinary program in Science, Technology and Society, a program currently lodged in the School of Engineering. This will allow Engineering and Humanities and Sciences time to investigate the possibility of reestablishing it as a joint program.

The undergraduate committee also has submitted several proposed additions to the list of approved distribution requirements.

The administrative session will be held at the usual time and place for senate sessions, 3:15 p.m. in room 180 of the Law School.

Senators are welcome to attend, but cannot vote.

If five senate members request it, any item scheduled for the session will be placed instead on the agenda of a regular senate meeting. Also, five elected senators may appeal a vote taken by the Steering Committee in administrative session at the next regular senate meeting.

Four members of the seven-member Steering Committee will constitute a quorum.

Steering Committee members are Robert Simoni, chair; John Bender, English; Steve Boxer, chemistry; Brad Efron, statistics; Phyllis Gardner, molecular pharmacology; Stephen Krasner, political science; and Gail Mahood, geological and environmental sciences. Provost Condoleezza Rice and Academic Secretary Marlene Wine are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Steering Committee.



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