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Zare named chair of Annual Reviews, respected scientific publishers

STANFORD -- Chemistry Professor Richard Zare has been named chairman of the board of Annual Reviews, the non-profit scientific publishing company founded in 1932 by the late Stanford biochemistry Professor J. Murray Luck.

Zare succeeds Nobel laureate Joshua Lederberg, formerly chair of genetics at Stanford and now president emeritus of Rockefeller University, who led Annual Reviews' board for more than 20 years.

The 26 Annual Reviews journals publish articles summarizing current research in fields ranging from biochemistry to fluid mechanics to psychology, and are among the journals prized for citation by other scientific publications.

Zare said of the tradition established by Luck, "It is a trust - almost a sacred trust - to provide to the scientific community at a reasonable price the highest quality reviews in their respective fields. Annual Reviews has a real impact on the way science is done."

Zare also was elected in January to a three-year term, beginning July 1, on the 17-member governing council of the National Academy of Sciences. The council sets the policies for the academy, which is a non- profit organization chartered by Congress in 1863 to recognize achievement in research and to serve as the official adviser to the government on matters of science and technology.

That advisory function, shared with the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine, is unique among scientific societies around the world, Zare said. "It makes membership in the NAS an honor but also a civic service," he said.



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